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The 2020 U.S. Houzz Kitchen Trends Study offers insights into the cabinet trends for 2020. The study gathered info from nearly 2600 homeowners who remodeled their kitchen in the last year or would be within three months from the study. The results are some interesting insights into what’s hot and what’s not in kitchens and cabinets.

Insight: Kitchen cabinets are the most popular feature to upgrade during a kitchen remodel.
Of all the different things you can upgrade in your kitchen, the study found that 68% of respondents completely replaced kitchen cabinets while another 27% planned a partial update of the cabinets. Partial updates included refinishing exterior, refinishing interior, replacing some cabinets, adding cabinets and replacing doors.

Insight: White is still the most popular kitchen cabinet color.
White is still the color to beat in kitchen cabinets with 45% of remodelers choosing white cabinets. Woodtone cabinets took second place with 22% and gray cabinets came in as the third most popular color.

Insight: Transitional is the most popular kitchen style.
At 21%, transitional is the most popular kitchen style for the third year in a row. Transitional style is a mix of contemporary and traditional. Following transitional were contemporary and then modern. Farmhouse style kitchens fell in popularity and occupied the bottom spot.

Insight: Shaker still rules for door styles.
For door styles on new cabinets or for remodelers replacing the cabinet doors, shaker style doors reigned supreme with 61% of people choosing this style. Following shaker are flat panel with 21% and raised panel with 18% of people choosing those door styles.

Insight: Specialty storage is hot.
Specialty features in cabinets are hot. Some of these features include lazy susans, waste pull-out drawers, pull-out swing doors, cutlery drawers, spice drawers/racks, cookie sheet trays/racks and extra deep drawers.

Insight: Pantries still matter.
Over half of all remodelers also upgraded their pantry cupboard or walk-in pantry as part of their cabinetry upgrades.

That’s the latest buzz on kitchen cabinets and trends that are hot right now. Will these trends hold true for all of 2020 or will trends shift during the year?