4 Signs You Need A Bathroom Update

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4 Signs You Need A Bathroom Update

Whether you’ve owned your home for years or just bought a home, making updates to different rooms in your home and when is always a big decision. Here are a few ways to help you tell if your bathroom should be next on the list for an update.

1. It doesn’t feel like it fits you/ your lifestyle – The bathroom should be an oasis where you can recharge and reset. It should be comfortable and help you de-stress. However, if your bathroom doesn’t fit your personality or your lifestyle, it might be time to update it. Let’s say your bathroom only has a shower stall but you like to relax by soaking in a nice hot bubble bath. This is just one example of how your bathroom could use an update to better fit your needs and life.


2. You’re planning to list your house for sale – Bathrooms and kitchens sell homes, it’s true. A few updates can go a long way and cost far less than a major renovation. Fresh paint, new flooring and updating plumbing fixtures are all small updates that make a big difference for buyers.


3. Your bathroom stresses you out – If setting foot in your bathroom adds to your stress instead of releasing it, it’s probably due for an update. There are a number of things that can create a stressful bathroom. One cause that is often overlooked is lighting. If the bathroom feels dark and doesn’t have enough lighting, straining to see can be a big irritation. The type of lighting could also be an issue. Many people get headaches and eye strain from fluorescent or halogen lighting. If this is an issue for you, switching to LED lighting with a dimmer switch to control the level of brightness can correct this source of bathroom stress. Another source of bathroom stress is clutter and/or a lack of adequate shelving and cabinets for storing your bathroom items. An easy update is to add shelving and cabinets, if there is enough space. You can also add hooks to hang items and baskets to help create order.


4. Your bathroom is stuck in another decade – Every decade has a certain “flair” that sets it apart from other decades. If your bathroom is stuck in another decade (or worse, a decade that ended well before you were born), it’s likely time to update it. Some simple fixes can bring it up-to-date without blowing your budget. If you can’t get that gold foil wallpaper to budge, choose a primer intended for painting over wallpaper and then follow up with a light, airy shade of fresh paint. Change out the mirror to a new streamlined style. Change out tile on walls and floors with an affordable crisp, modern subway tile. Swap out old outdated lighting fixtures for fresh new fixtures and LED lighting options. Update the showerhead to any of a number of modern options and change out the faucets in the sink and bathtub to complete the new look. With these easy and affordable updates, walking into your bathroom won’t feel like walking back in time anymore.


Part of home ownership is updating and maintaining the property. Depending on the number of rooms that could do with some upgrades, it might be hard to decide which room to tackle and when. You’ll know when the bathroom should be next on your update list when you notice one (or more) of these four signs.