5 Tips for Choosing Kitchen Hardware

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5 Tips for Choosing Kitchen Hardware

Choosing new hardware for your kitchen can be a much tougher task than you might expect. With so many styles, finishes and shapes, choosing the right one for your kitchen can easily become one of the hardest decisions you make. We’ve got 5 useful tips to help you navigate the sea of options and narrow down to the right choice for your space.

1. Focus on quality – In most homes, the kitchen is the most used room in the house. That means any hardware you choose is going to get a lot of abuse. For this reason, the first consideration when choosing kitchen hardware should be quality. You want to make sure your kitchen hardware can hold up to frequent use long-term.

2. Consider your cabinets – Before getting carried away with any one kitchen hardware choice, it’s important to consider your cabinets. Consider whether the hardware works well with the color of the cabinets, the design style and the finish. If the hardware you choose doesn’t work with each of those elements of your cabinets, it could create a look and feel that is awkward or out of place.

3. Knobs or pulls or both – Some kitchen design styles work well with just knobs on all doors and drawers. Some work better with a mixture of both. Some work best with just pulls on doors and drawers. If your cabinets are sleek with minimal detail, going with just pulls can create a bold, contemporary look. If your cabinets are more detailed with carvings or unique features, using just simple rounded knobs for all doors and drawers prevents distracting the eye from those great details.

4. Consider appliances and other fixtures – Your kitchen hardware will not be the only metal (in most cases) finish in your kitchen. Some appliances have a metallic finish, as do plumbing fixtures such as sinks, faucets and sprayers. When choosing kitchen hardware, you want to make sure that whatever you choose works well with the other metals and metallic elements of the space.

5. Consider unique options – If your kitchen design is more eclectic, French country or farmhouse, unique hardware can really make the space feel special. Consider painted options, glass, crystal or even mirrored hardware to express your unique style.

Choosing kitchen hardware can be one of the most difficult choices to make. With so many options, colors, materials and finishes, it could feel like an impossible task. Our 5 useful tips for choosing kitchen hardware can help you narrow down your choices and take the stress and second-guessing out of this design decision.