The Benefits of Working With A Reputable Cabinet Dealer

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The Benefits of Working With A Reputable Cabinet Dealer

The Benefits of Working With A Reputable Cabinet Dealer

When choosing new cabinets for the kitchen or bathroom, many homeowners end up at a discount warehouse or home improvement chain store. Cabinets are intended to last for decades so it’s important for your new cabinets to meet your needs both now and in the years to come. Working with a reputable cabinet dealer offers a number of benefits you just won’t find with a discount or big box retail provider.

  • Options, options, options! – Most home improvement and discount stores offer only a few wood species – usually maple, oak and cherry – and a limited selection of finishes, coatings and veneers. When you work with a cabinet dealer, the sky’s the limit! Cabinet dealers offer the basic maple, oak or cherry – if that’s what you really want – but also a number of other wood species including hickory, pine, birch, walnut, alder, ash and even bamboo. Cabinet dealers also provide the greatest variety of finishes and treatments such as stains, glazes and paints in virtually any shade or color you can imagine.


  • Customizations galore – Cabinet dealers offer more customization options than most homeowners have ever heard of. Pull-out shelving, adjustable drawer configurations, skinny end-cap cabinets and even toe kick pull-outs can help you make sure your new cabinetry makes the most of every bit of useable space. Cabinet dealers can also customize sizing for awkward spaces – something you won’t find at a discount or home improvement retailer.


  • Top quality – Cabinet dealers focus on a number of quality factors when choosing which cabinet lines they provide for their customers. A few of those quality factors include construction practices and methods, quality and sustainability of the woods used, attention to detail inside and out of each cabinet box, craftsmanship of doors and drawers, long-term durability and the best quality finishes, paints and treatments.


  • Guidance and expertise – Cabinet dealers are experts in all things cabinetry. They can assist in planning the layout and placement of cabinets to make the best use of your space. They can help you define your needs both current and in the future to find the best cabinet lines to meet your needs. They can recommend a large number of customizations to ensure you get the most out of your new cabinets. They can help find options to meet accessibility needs. They can guide you through all of the styles, finishes, treatments and hardware so you get exactly what you want.


  • Convenient from concept to completed project – Working with a reputable cabinet dealer gives you a hassle-free and convenient experience from start to finish. They measure your space for you to ensure accuracy and that your new cabinets fit perfectly. They inspect your cabinetry prior to installation to verify that every detail is correct. They have qualified installation providers to make sure the work is done right. Because they work directly with you, the homeowner, they eliminate middlemen who could introduce any confusion, mix-ups or errors into your cabinet project.

Whether you know exactly what you want for your new cabinetry or you are interested in exploring your options, a reputable cabinet dealer is the best resource for your new cabinet project. Discount warehouses and even many home improvement stores cater to what is most popular with builders and contractors. This means limited options, cheap materials, questionable quality and little room for customization. Choosing a Myrtle Beach cabinet dealer provides attention to your unique needs and style in a hassle-free way no big box place can beat.