Cabinet Hardware Finishes By Atlas

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Cabinet Hardware Finishes By Atlas

When it comes to kitchen cabinet hardware, the styles, shapes and different finishes available can be mind boggling. In fact, we can devote an entire blog (how about this one?) to just the different finishes out there. When you want a variety of finishes to explore, Atlas has you covered. Join us for a journey through some tried and true, and some totally new finishes for your cabinet hardware.

Traditional Touches

In the tried and true category, we find the more traditional options most people are familiar with and have seen in kitchens for decades. Finishes in this group include classics like brushed nickel, polished nickel, stainless steel, polished stainless steel, polished chrome, matte chrome, aged bronze and standard painted black. These traditional finishes work well in a variety of kitchen design styles.

Luxurious Looks

Luxury might be the last thing that comes to mind when you think of cabinet hardware. However, there are options that can bring a bit of luxe to the look and feel of your space. One way to bring in a high-end feel is with a touch of leather. Leather options from Atlas include leather with polished chrome or with brushed nickel. If you like the look of leather but want a bit more texture, check out the croc leather options with brushed nickel or polished chrome. If leather isn’t your luxury must-have, other luxurious finishes include champagne, French gold and polished brass.

New Age Options

New age options include finishes that are fresh, clean and modern. To score this style, look at finishes such as high gloss white, graphite, slate, modern bronze and matte or even high gloss black.

Vintage Varieties

If vintage-inspired is what you’re drawn to, there are a number of cabinet hardware finishes for you to consider. Pay homage to the past with finishes such as painted black/red or black/white, antiqued, iron, oil rubbed bronze, rust, Venetian bronze or vintage brass. Many of these finishes are strategically distressed to give that long-lived look while incorporating more current shapes. Others use older materials such as iron or are designed with ancient times in mind, such as Venetian bronze.

Did you find some unexpected but intriguing cabinet hardware finishes along our journey? Come on by and see us! We would love to help you explore your finishes of interest to put together a look that is perfect for your space.