Choosing Cabinet Hardware for Kitchens and Baths

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Choosing Cabinet Hardware for Kitchens and Baths

Choosing Cabinet Hardware for Kitchens and Baths

Whether you are picking out cabinet hardware for new cabinets or to freshen up the look of existing cabinets, we have the tips to help you sort through the nearly unlimited options available. Hardware includes drawer pulls, cabinet handles and might also include hinges if they are visible. Installing new hardware on your cabinets is an easy way to update the look of your kitchen or bath. These tips are also handy if you have hardware that is damaged or dated and needs replaced.

When choosing new hardware for drawers and cabinets in your bathroom, there are some special details you’ll want to consider. Let’s take a look:

  • Consider the other finishes in your bathroom. Make a note of the finish on your sink faucet, towel bars, shower head and bathtub faucet. While the hardware finish for your cabinets doesn’t have to match exactly, it should still look good with the other finishes already in the space.
  • Consider the location of the hardware. A great example of a spot where location matters is on your vanity. Certain styles or types of hardware on a vanity can catch on clothing or if it sticks out a bit, can be a pain if you bump into it often.
  • Consider your family. If you have young children in the home, avoid hardware that has crevices where grime can build up. You’ll also want to avoid hardware with designs that little fingers or hands can get stuck in.
  • Consider the environment of a bathroom. Bathrooms, in general, are humid. Make sure any hardware you choose is suitable for the bathroom to avoid tarnish, rust, or discoloration over time.

New hardware for kitchen cabinets and drawers have some unique considerations to keep in mind, as well. Here is the run-down:

  • Consider the overall style profile of your kitchen. If your kitchen is contemporary, ornate and detailed hardware more suited to eclectic or cottage styles will look out of place. Narrow down the huge selection of hardware by considering only those options that fit the style of your kitchen.
  • Consider the size of the cabinet doors and drawer fronts. If the hardware will be for new cabinets, make sure to have the measurements of the different sizes of doors and drawers handy. Many hardware options come in a variety of lengths to work with different size doors and drawers.
  • Consider the holes in existing cabinets and drawers. If you are replacing existing hardware and the cabinet doors and drawers already have holes, you’ll need to select hardware that will fit in the existing holes. It’s helpful to remove a sample of each size hardware in your kitchen and take it with you when you shop.
  • Consider the finish. Make a note of all of the other finishes in the kitchen. Other finishes in the kitchen could include the sink faucet, appliance finishes (for example, stainless steel), metal pot racks and copper or steel vent hoods. Again, the hardware you choose doesn’t have to match exactly but should look nice in combination with the other finishes in the kitchen.

When you’re choosing hardware for your cabinet doors and drawers, the number of choices available can be overwhelming. Use our handy list of considerations in both the kitchen and the bathroom to make the process a little easier.