Choosing the Right Kitchen Sink for Your Remodel

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Choosing the Right Kitchen Sink for Your Remodel

Choosing the right kitchen sink for your remodel involves making three specific decisions: type of sink, number of bowls and what material you want your sink to be made out of. Let’s take a look at each of these factors a little closer.


Type of Sink

There are four main types of sinks to choose from with a handful of variations to consider. The four main types are drop-in, under mount, molded, and farmhouse.

  1. Drop-in sinks are exactly what the name suggests–a sink that drops into a hole cut into the counter top. The sink is generally attached to the counter with some kind of adhesive and the lip of the sink sits on top of the counter. This is also the cheapest style of sink in most cases.
  2. An under mount sink mounts to the underside of a hole in the counter top. This type of sink works best with counters made from stone/granite and butcher block. The sink is mounted to the counter from underneath and eliminates the lip on top of the counter. It provides a more streamlined look and is easier to clean.
  3. A molded sink is generally made of composite material where the counter top and sink are molded in a single slab that then installs in the space for the counter top. With this option, the sink and counter top are one seamless piece. This also gives a streamlined look and is easy to clean. It is less popular than the drop-in and under mount styles but still fairly common.
  4. A farmhouse sink is also called an apron sink because the entire front surface of the sink is exposed. These sinks are typically large and deep single bowl sinks. They are popular in many kitchen styles, not just farmhouse kitchens.


Number of Bowls

The next main consideration is the number of bowls you want in your sink. Farmhouse sinks are the exception as those are already standard one-bowl sinks. Particularly with drop-in and under mount sinks, you have a variety of options. You can choose one large bowl, two equal sized bowls or a larger bowl with a smaller bowl. There are variations such as a small deeper bowl that is handy for filling deep pots and pans with water. However, generally, those are your main options.


Sink Material

The most common sink material is stainless steel. It’s easy to clean, durable, holds up well over time, resists scratches and gouges and is the go-to in most kitchens. If you would like something different, you can choose from composite, fire clay, cast iron with enamel finish, natural stone, quartz or copper. Copper sinks are gaining in popularity right now because they resist rust and have a unique look from stainless steel. It’s important to note that harsh chemicals, even soft drinks, can damage the finish of copper sinks so they require more upkeep than the other options. Also worth noting, cast iron sinks with enamel finish are better now than those of yesterday but they still have to be protected from scratches, chips and gouges more than other sink materials.

If all of this talk of sinks leaves you scratching your head about what you really want, you aren’t alone. Choosing the kitchen sink is one of the toughest decisions in a remodel for many people. Come visit our showroom and talk to our design reps. They can ask you questions and help you get to a decision for which kitchen sink is going to be the best for you.