Corner Cabinet Storage Solutions

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If you have a U-shaped or L-shaped kitchen, you likely have a deep corner cabinet with depths impossible to reach. What a waste of usable space! Well, we have a list of solutions to help you make the most of that awkward corner cabinet so you don’t lose valuable storage space any longer.

1. Lazy Susan – Perhaps the most obvious and most timeless solution is the lazy susan. The turntables help you reach what you need when you need it. While you’ll sacrifice some usable space, you’ll be able to reach what you need easily without climbing into a cabinet. A newer spin on the lazy susan is one that rotates out from inside the cabinet from a center post to give you even more versatility.

2. Advanced Pull-Out Systems – This solution is a little more complex but helps you use more of the space more efficiently. This solution uses a system of tracks and hinges to keep everything within easy reach. Essentially, the first section pulls out with the door and pulls along the next set of shelves behind it. This style gives you maximum shelf space and makes everything reachable.

3. Pull-Out Shelves – Unlike the advanced pull-out system above, this option is more straight-forward. The shelves are all mounted on tracks that allow you to pull the shelves out to reach what you need.

4. Corner Drawers – A good alternative to pull-out shelves are corner drawers. The drawers are shaped so that when closed, they preserve the angle of the corner. When pulled out, you have an angled drawer space that can fit a number of items. The 45 degree corners inside the drawer are a good space for smaller items while the larger center of the drawer is good for larger pieces.

5. Open Shelves – Opting for open shelving gives you visibility and versatility. Use the shelves for everyday items you use often and save the closed cabinets for items you use less frequently. Or use the open shelves to display special heirloom pieces, store cookbooks and show off your style.

6. Gallery Cabinets with Glass – An alternative to open shelving is to choose gallery style cabinets for that awkward corner. The gallery cabinets form a square in the corner and have glass sides and doors to give you visibility to see all of the contents easily. This option works great for upper corner cabinets.

You don’t have to live with an awkward corner of cabinets that you can’t reach into and you don’t have to live with wasted space. These corner cabinet storage solutions help you get the most out of that deep corner cabinet without stretching and straining to reach what you need when you need it.