Current Kitchen Cabinet Design Trends

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Current Kitchen Cabinet Design Trends

Looking to update the look and feel of your kitchen? Consider changing things up with your kitchen cabinets. Check out our list of the big kitchen cabinet design trends right now:

1. Color! – Color is a big trend because the sky is the limit. Use light colors, such as white, cream or even soft subtle yellow, to make the kitchen feel open and bright. Choose dark colors, such as navy, deep emerald or various black tones to add drama to your kitchen. The most popular colors are mid-range options in blues and grays – the new neutrals.

2. Lighting – The wide range of LED lighting options make under-cabinet lighting more popular than ever. LED light bars, ropes and mini-canisters last a very long time, are super energy-efficient and don’t give off heat.

3. Shelves – Replacing a section of upper cabinets with open shelving is a growing trend, particularly for smaller kitchens. Shelving makes a space feel more visually open and spacious. When used with both function and style in mind, open shelves add visual interest and a touch of personality.

4. Oak – Oak wood cabinets were all the rage until the early 90s. Oak was replaced with cherry, maple and various veneer finishes – until recently. The demand for oak is increasing again. The current trend of vintage-inspired design elements paired with the versatility of oak are bringing it back in a big way.

5. Minimalism – The trend of minimalist design is not new but is continuing as a top choice into 2018. Minimalist design features clean, simple lines and subtle details. This trend avoids carvings, ornate decorative elements and highly-detailed accents. Keeping cabinets sleek and modern allows the other elements of the kitchen to stand out.

6. Dual Finishes – Using two different cabinet finishes is a growing trend for 2018. Design that uses a different finish on upper cabinets than the bottom cabinets adds flair and visual interest to the space. The key is making sure the two finishes still work well together even though they are different.

Changing up your cabinets is a great way to give your kitchen an update. The biggest kitchen cabinet trends are fresh without being so radical that they’ll feel dated by next year.