Explore Creative Kitchen Backsplash Options

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Explore Creative Kitchen Backsplash Options

Explore Creative Kitchen Backsplash Options

Need to spice up your kitchen but don’t have a big budget? Get a great new look with a new kitchen backsplash. Here are some fun and creative options to liven up your kitchen.


1. Mirror – Before you think “1983 called and wants its mirrored backsplash back,” consider the benefits of using mirrors – especially in small kitchens. Small kitchens are often not just low on space but also low on light. A mirrored backsplash helps with both by reflecting light back into the space, making it brighter and mirrors give the illusion of more space. Let’s return to the future, shall we?


2. Chalkboard – Just when you thought every use for chalkboard paint had been discovered, we bring it to your backsplash. Jot down that favorite recipe you return to over and over, leave phone numbers for the babysitter and keep track of your grocery list. Add even more usefulness to this idea by painting chalkboard paint over magnetic paint. A handy writing surface and organization options in the same backsplash.


3. Metallic Tiles – Metallic tiles aren’t just for farmhouse style kitchens. They come in a range of metal tones, such as copper, gold, brass and nickel and tons of textures. Stick with one metal tone and pattern for a uniform look or mix and match for something unique and fresh.


4. Pegboard – Pegboard has long been stuck out in the garage or shed with the power tools and gardening equipment, however, it is a great option for the kitchen! Using pegboard for your new backsplash gives you lots of organizing options and a great “canvas” to have fun with. You can paint pegboard. You can stain pegboard. You can use all different kinds of hooks and pegs and whosits and whatsits to make it totally unique. Plus, it’s affordable and easy to install.


5. Mermaid Tiles – Also called concave tiles or fish scale tiles, this fun shape is a great alternative to the super-popular subway tile. Mermaid tiles provide the uniform look, feel and pattern of subway tiles while still adding visual interest and flair.


6. Subway Tiles in 3D – 3D subway tiles are a fun twist on the modern classic. If you like the subway tile look but want to kick it up a notch, these tiles are a great way to add texture and a fresh feel to your backsplash.


7. Wallpaper – Wait. What? Did we just say wallpaper? Yes, wallpaper. Throw out everything you think you know about this controversial wall covering. Newer high-tech options made for unique kitchen and bathroom applications add a pop of color or pattern to your backsplash. Today’s wallpaper options are easier to install and remove than any traditional wallpaper you’ve encountered before.


You don’t need a big budget to update the look and feel of your kitchen. Just change up the backsplash! These funky and fun options could be just what you’re looking for to freshen up your kitchen. Which of these options have inspired you?