7 Fun and Functional Design Ideas for Your Kitchen

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7 Fun and Functional Design Ideas for Your Kitchen

7 Fun and Functional Design Ideas for Your Kitchen

When you are updating your kitchen, it’s a great time to consider some fun and functional design ideas to make your space work for you. Here are a few of our favorite ideas to consider.

1. Install plug outlets under the cabinet, instead of in the wall for a smooth, uninterrupted backsplash. If under the cabinets isn’t doable, a second option is to locate the outlets either as close as possible to the cabinets in the wall or as close as possible to the countertop and sideways to minimize the visual disruption.

2. Consider pop-up plug outlets that stow away down under the countertop when not in use.

3. Opt for a docking station and charging drawer. Choose a shallow area of unused space for a drawer to serve as a charging and docking area for smartphones and tablets. Route appropriate power and USB charging ports to the drawer and include plastic or rubber inserts to hold electronics safely in place while charging.

4. Add under-cabinet lighting where most food prep will be done. LED light strips are affordable, don’t give off heat and are easy to install. Just make sure to install them under the cabinet the front opening of the cabinet (not along the wall) to ensure the light shines onto the counter prep area instead of lighting up the backsplash instead.

5. Make your vent hood a statement piece in your kitchen. Vent hoods are often overlooked but take up quite a bit of visual real estate in your kitchen. Many people try to hide or ignore the vent hood by crowding it with cabinets or installing panels to hide it altogether. Instead, give the vent hood a bit of space on either side and choose a finish that will really pop and turn that vent hood into a stylish focal piece.

6. Make good use of handy pull-outs. Pull-out cabinets are great for stowing away trash and recycling bins out of sight. However, there are lots of ways to use pull-outs. For example, a slim bit of space near your stove can become a pull-out storage space for your spices and flavorings. They’ll be handy when you’re cooking and out of sight when you’re not. You can even use them in the bathroom to cleverly hide away laundry baskets and bathroom trash bins.

7. Consider corbels. From the function angle, corbels add extra support for cabinets, counters and shelves. From a design stand-point, the wide range of styles to choose from make corbels a great way to add visual interest to your kitchen. Corbels come in styles from sleek and modern through delicately carved and ornate traditional. It’s a small detail that has big design impact.

Keeping the things you need handy when you need them and stowed away out of sight when you don’t keeps clutter in check. Highlighting overlooked features, such as the vent hood, freshen up the look and feel of your kitchen. These fun and functional kitchen design ideas make life easier and more stylish.