Is Pull-Out Shelving Right for Your Kitchen?

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Is Pull-Out Shelving Right for Your Kitchen?

Pull-out shelving are layers of shelves in each cabinet that slide out using gliders or wheels and feature a lip around the edges to prevent items from sliding off. It potentially can increase the number of shelves inside your cabinets, depending on the layout and your design choices. One potential downfall of pull-out shelving is that more shelves take up more space with structural components. However, there are a number of pluses to having pull-out shelving. First, let’s look at some common issues that can help determine if pull-out shelving is right for your kitchen.

Common Cabinet Storage Issues

Here are some common kitchen cabinet storage issues that might indicate pull-out shelving as a good solution.

  • You have cabinets you can’t reach the back of.
  • You struggle with organization in the kitchen.
  • You have deep cabinets.
  • You have more stuff than storage space.
  • You struggle to find a “home” for everything.
  • You struggle to easily find what you need, when you need it.


How Pull-Out Shelving Can Help In Your Kitchen

Pull-out shelving divides larger spaces into smaller, easier to organize sections. Pull-out shelving also meets the accessibility requirements of Universal Design, making it easier to use for differently-abled people to use. Let’s see what other ways pull-out shelving can help in your kitchen.

  • Increases the number of shelves you have to work with in your cabinets (in most cases)
  • Makes it easier to find the items you’re looking for
  • Keeps the kitchen more organized
  • Creates a “home” for everything
  • Keeps containers and lids together
  • Keeps pots and pans with their lids
  • Uses every bit of available storage space in your kitchen
  • Makes it easier to access items stored toward the back of the cabinet without reaching or straining

Pull-out shelving might not be a fit for every kitchen but if you have any of the listed issues when navigating around your kitchen, it’s worth it to explore whether this shelving option is a fit for you. Have questions? The Cabinet Market has the answers on this and all of your kitchen and bath storage questions.