Kitchen Accessories To Make Your Space Homey and Rustic

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Kitchen Accessories To Make Your Space Homey and Rustic

Kitchen Accessories To Make Your Space Homey and Rustic

The kitchen is the heart of the home. Here are a few simple and homey touches you can add to your kitchen to give it that comfy and welcoming feeling.

1. Spice Jars – Store spices in small glass air-tight jars. Paint a side or section with chalkboard paint and (after dry), use a liquid chalk marker to write the name of the spice on the jar. Get creative and have fun for a unique spice display that feels homey too.

2. Storage Baskets – Use small storage baskets to stow away items in the pantry or cabinets and add a label to find what you need quickly. Write the name of the item on a pre-cut paper tag and use a piece of ribbon to tie it to the handle of the side facing out. You’ll have a cute and homey look and find what you need in record time.

3. Recycling Bins – If your recycling needs sorting, grab individual bins for each type of material: glass, plastic, paper and aluminum. Create stick-on labels in fun shapes using clip art or purchase pre-made decals online to label the bins and avoid material mix-ups in your recycling.

4. Large Glass Canisters – For bulky items you normally store such as rice, flour and sugar, get large glass canisters. Use a paint pen to write the name of the contents on the outside for a homey look that keeps you organized too.

5. Utensils Organizer – Opt for a wooden utensils organizer over a cheap plastic one and use a label-maker to create custom labels for each slot. You’ll create a fun look while helping family members see where to keep things put away. A simple touch that feels homey and adds organization too.

These few simple kitchen accessories and home-made touches give your kitchen a homey and comfortable feeling. The kitchen is the most used room in the house. With these fun tips, it will reflect the spirit and personality of your family with just a few simple touches.