Kitchen Appliances: 6 Tips Before You Buy

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Kitchen Appliances: 6 Tips Before You Buy

Before you plunk down the cash for your next major kitchen appliance, check out our handy list of tips to ensure you get an appliance that meets your needs and your budget.

1. Check out a friend’s – If a friend has recently purchased the appliance you are considering, go over for a visit and ask to test it out. Chances are, your friend will be happy to show off their purchase – and give you the dish on what they love and what they hate about their latest buy.

2. Measure everything, and then measure everything again – When measuring space for a new appliance, many people measure the space where the new appliance will go and completely forget about the hallways, pathways and doorways the appliance will have to fit through to get to its new home in your kitchen. Of course, measure the area for the new appliance in your kitchen and include counter height, counter depth, cabinet clearance and so on. Also be sure to measure every doorway, hallway and pathway the appliance will have to travel through. And then measure it all again for accuracy. Few things are worse than buying the appliance you’ve been saving for just to discover you can’t actually get it into your kitchen.

3. Check noise levels – Some appliances can be noisier than others. For kitchens, the vent hood and the dishwasher are two big offenders in the noise department. Make sure you check out the noise levels common for the appliance and ensure you can live with the noise level.

4. Check direction of door opening – This tip applies generally to refrigerators and freezers. While many models feature doors that can be rehinged to work on either side of the door, some do not. Verify if the appliance you are considering can be rehinged and if not, make sure you choose the correct sided door for your space.

5. Avoid the impulse buy – While that shiny new unit with the great sale price might be attractive, avoid going for the impulse buy. Major appliances for your kitchen are a major investment, and not a decision to be made impulsively. Make sure you’ve done your homework, your measuring, your comparison shopping, reading reviews and other background research on the models you are most interested in – and stick to it.

6. Get all the necessary parts to go with your appliance purchase – For many appliances, there are a number of parts that need to be purchased separately such as hoses, cords/plugs, tubes and connectors. Make sure you include these items with your appliance purchase as needed so when the installer arrives with your new appliance, everything is ready for efficient set-up.

Buying a new kitchen appliance is a big deal and often a pricey purchase. These 6 tips help you have all the information you need to have the smoothest buying experience and installation.  The Cabinet Market now offers kitchen appliances from brands such as Whirlpool, Kitchen Aid, Amana, and Maytag– let us help you find the best fit for you!