Kitchen Cabinet Trend: Nixing Upper Cabinets

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Kitchen Cabinet Trend: Nixing Upper Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinet Trend: Nixing Upper Cabinets

It all started with open shelving… People first began nixing upper kitchen cabinets in favor of open shelving. Now, even open shelving is disappearing and leaving open space from counter to ceiling. While creative types might find a long list of things they can use that space for instead, others are scratching their head wondering why anyone would want to cut their kitchen storage space in half. Let’s explore a few of the reasons people have for going this route:

1. Saving Money – Cabinets can be one of the more expensive parts of a kitchen redo, often only eclipsed by the cost of new appliances. By eliminating half the cabinetry and foregoing upper cabinets, the money saved can be redirected to other features or can be used to keep the overall budget in check.

2. Tiny Kitchen – If the kitchen is very small, eliminating the bulky-feeling upper cabinets can make the room feel more spacious and open. However, in a small kitchen, storage space is already compromised so it’s important to consider where exactly you’ll store your dishes, pots and pans, spices, gadgets and utensils to ensure you’ll have enough room using just the lower cabinets.

3. Large Island – If the space includes a large island built with storage in mind, that storage space in addition to the lower cabinets might be plenty for some homeowners. If this is the case, the space that would have been used by the upper cabinets could be wasted on more storage area. We’ve yet to see a kitchen with too much storage space but we assume it’s possible.

4. Artistic Flair – What to do with that wall space where upper cabinets would have been? Some people opt for a decorative tile mosaic backsplash that stretches up to the ceiling. Others are bringing artistic flair into the kitchen and hanging works of art where those upper cabinets used to be. Nixing the upper cabinets allows room for the homeowner to express their unique style and artistic taste.

If nixing the upper cabinets in your kitchen leaves you more confused than inspired, this trend is likely not for you. However, if the above reasons people have for eliminating their upper cabinets resonates with you, it might be a trend worth looking into. If you want to explore whether this trend might be for you, we can help you evaluate the best options for the storage you will keep so you can make the most informed choice for your kitchen upgrade.