Kitchen Design: Bring Nature Into It

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Kitchen Design: Bring Nature Into It

Natural elements make any kitchen feel fresh and modern. It only takes a few light touches to bring nature into your new kitchen design. Here are some of our favorites right now:

1. Grasscloth – Grasscloth is a great way to incorporate nature into your kitchen design. Use it to add an organic feel and texture to your space with grasscloth wallpaper. For a less permanent commitment, grasscloth window shades help you bring the outside in.

2. Skylight – If you are doing a fairly major update or a complete remodel, consider adding a skylight. If you are worried a skylight could be a bit too blinding, you can opt for a skylight with an automated shade to tone down the light on super-bright sunny days.

3. Carved-Stone Sink – A carved-stone sink creates a garden or greenhouse feeling in your kitchen. Soapstone is a great choice that holds up well as a large farmhouse style sink. Stone is one of those elements that ties a room together and gives it a natural feel at the same time.

4. Large Kitchen Windows – If a skylight isn’t in the budget, consider if you can go with larger windows in your kitchen. The larger windows will bring in natural light and create the sense that there is less of a barrier between inside and outside. Large windows are also helpful for the next item on our list…

5. Incorporate large houseplants – Houseplants are a great way to use open corners and bring nature into your kitchen design. Large tropical plants with big lush green leaves do great in light bright kitchens, preferably close to a large window. Any live plants will bring that natural vibe but too many smaller plants could feel cluttered more than classy.

Nature-inspired elements work in any style kitchen. Make your kitchen more vibrant and fresh by bringing nature into your kitchen design. Stick with lots of natural light and simple yet bold touches to keep your kitchen looking like a kitchen and not a jungle.