Latest Trends In Kitchen Design: How Does your Kitchen Compare?

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Latest Trends In Kitchen Design: How Does your Kitchen Compare?

Latest Trends In Kitchen Design: How Does your Kitchen Compare?

The kitchen is the hub of most homes. In fact, it remains the most popular room for homeowners to renovate. If you have a kitchen update on your mind, here are some of the latest trends in kitchen design for you to ponder over.

1. More Light – Lighting is a big deal in the kitchen. Many makeovers include knocking down walls and adding windows or skylights. Homeowners are also adding more lighting fixtures such as hanging pendants, chandeliers, sconces and accent lighting for countertops and within cabinets or open shelving. The more lighting options you have to brighten your space, the better. The plus is that lighting fixtures aren’t usually high-price items so if you decide you don’t like your new big, bold, statement-making pendant lights later on, changing them out doesn’t come with a big price tag.

2. Painted Cabinets – While painted cabinets as a trend come and go, the current trend brings in hues of blue and green. Dark navy blue cabinets look elegant without seeming dated, and rich emerald green is showing up in more and more remodels as a cabinet color as well. Experts advise that homeowners don’t tackle painting cabinets themselves as it is one DIY that really shows when not done right. If navy or emerald cabinets are a bit of a leap, try one of these bold colors on the wall to try out this look.

3. Technology, Please – Technology is showing up in more and more kitchens in the form of smart speakers, smart lighting, voice-controlled devices, device charging stations and even (finally) smart appliances. More homeowners are becoming comfortable with oven ranges and refrigerators that include touch screens, speakers and voice-controlled features than just a year or two ago.

4. Engineered Countertops – While granite will never completely go away, many homeowners are ditching the maintenance drama of granite and choosing engineered options. A few examples include engineered quartz – some companies are producing engineered quartz that looks like marble (without the hassle and upkeep of actual marble) and recycled glass countertops to name a few. These engineered options are usually non-porous and don’t require the periodic sealing and waxing that natural stone requires.

5. Turning Gray – Gray is the “new” neutral and alternative to white. Gray is showing up in cabinet colors, wall colors and countertops in kitchen renovations more frequently than ever. Why? Gray is softer and easier on the eyes than all white is. If you follow the first trend on this list and make sure you have plenty of light, gray in the kitchen is soothing and cozy – definitely not drab.

If you have a kitchen remodel or update in your plans, these trends might point you to options that weren’t on your radar. The nature of trends is that they change over time, however, most of these trends have been growing for a few years already and show no signs of slowing down.