Love Color? The Hottest Cabinet Colors for Your Kitchen

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Love Color? The Hottest Cabinet Colors for Your Kitchen

Love Color? The Hottest Cabinet Colors for Your Kitchen

Color is having a big moment right now–perhaps the biggest moment since the orange-green-brown moment of the 1970s. However, there is one difference, you’ll be far less likely to cringe when you look back at this modern moment for big, bold colors. What’s the freshest way to make the most of this color moment? With your kitchen cabinets!


 The Ocean is Calling

Coastal-inspired blues of all hues are big for kitchen cabinets. On the deep-water side of the spectrum, navy and indigo are a fresh way to go dark with your kitchen cabinets. On the beachier side of the blue palette, classic mid-tone blues and teal blues add a splash of fun to your kitchen cabinets.

Feeling Zen

Green is back! Forget the electric-neon-chartreuse from the 70s! The greens of this moment are more earthy than electric with a botanical feel and subtle gray undertones. Think soft sage with a hint of gray on the lighter side. Darker green mixed with a deeper, pewter gray provide a sophisticated green that will have your kitchen feeling Zen.


Matte is the New Black

After decades of super glossy, shiny black that showed every scratch, ding and crack, black is going matte. Not only does a matte finish camouflage flaws, it softens the harshness black cabinets can have in a kitchen. And since matte finishes don’t reflect light the way glossy finishes do, the look is understated instead of flashy.

The Sky is Falling

Blue is such a hot hue, we had to break it into two categories! These blues are mixed with shades of gray for a look that is a little darker, like storm clouds on the horizon. Pair with light or white counters to avoid going too dark. On the lighter side of the storm, soft slate mixed with pale blue gives your cabinets style and drama.

The New Neutral

If you haven’t heard, gray is the new neutral. A versatile color that works with a large array of countertops and kitchen styles, gray is taking over the neutral crown. Particularly hot for cabinets are grays with subtle color undertones. For example, a gray with pink or peachy undertones looks stunning with rose gold hardware. With so many ways to go gray, this is one color trend that will stay around for a while.

We love color and we know so many of you do too. Whether you’re feeling Zen or hearing the ocean calling, these colors are having a big moment right now for kitchen cabinets.