Love Farmhouse Style Kitchens? 7 Tips to Get the Look!

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Love Farmhouse Style Kitchens? 7 Tips to Get the Look!

Love Farmhouse Style Kitchens? 7 Tips to Get the Look!

Farmhouse kitchens are one of the most in-demand kitchen styles. A mix of classic and modern elements, farmhouse kitchens pay homage to a simpler time. A time when there was always enough supper for unexpected guests at the dinner table and someone was always there for tea and sympathy. With such warm nostalgia, it’s no surprise the farmhouse style kitchen has so many fans. Our 7 tips help you get the look.

1. Start with a farmhouse style sink – One of the most recognizable features of a farmhouse style kitchen is the farmhouse sink. This sink is wider and deeper than traditional sinks and comes in a number of finishes and colors. Common finishes include stainless steel, cast iron enameled in a variety of color options and even traditional porcelain. When building out your farmhouse kitchen, this focal piece is the best place to start.

2. Bring the outside in – Farmhouse style is one that is rustic and close to nature. Incorporate reclaimed wood into your center island or use it to create some rustic open shelving. Carved wooden bowls, sweetgrass or other kinds of woven baskets make a great centerpiece for fresh fruit.

3. Expose a little bit – A wall with exposed brick (or faux brick) or even an exposed wooden beam or two adds to the charm and character farmhouse kitchens are known for.

4. Opt for timeless cabinets – Simple and timeless cabinets are the best choice for a farmhouse kitchen. Clean lines are classic and also add to the feeling of simplicity. Choose Shaker or Colonial cabinet doors with a painted finish in white or cream for a traditional farmhouse look.

5. Add a black accent or two – Black accents in a farmhouse kitchen are reminiscent of cast iron. Go for a vent hood in black, sink faucets in black or black cabinet door and drawer pulls. The key is to add just a touch to avoid tipping over into tacky.

6. Hang the pot rack – No respectable farmhouse kitchen is complete without a hanging pot rack. Bonus points if your collection of hanging pots includes a couple of cast iron pieces and a couple of copper pans.

7. Finish the look with a long wooden farmhouse table – Few things are more welcoming to guests than plenty of room around the dinner table. With the traditional long wooden farmhouse table, you’ve always got room for one more (or a few).

Perhaps the reason farmhouse kitchens are so popular is because they convey a feeling of togetherness. This cozy kitchen style is like a warm hug, welcoming and comforting for you, your family and every friend or guest who visits.