Marble Countertops: Maintenance Is A Must

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Marble Countertops: Maintenance Is A Must

If you love the look of marble countertops, there are a few things it’s helpful to know about this unique and beautiful stone before you finalize your decision. Here are the major marble countertops maintenance FYIs you need to know before investing in them.

1. Marble is less durable – Marble is less durable than other types of natural stone. It will show wear and tear quickly and in ways that aren’t fixable. So, be prepared to treat your marble countertops as an item in your home that needs protecting. If not well-maintained and protected, marble can look terrible when it comes time to sell and detract from your sales price.

2. Special cleaners are required – Marble must be cleaned with special cleaners formulated specifically for marble. Even normally-safe vinegar and water will dull and damage marble with its acidity. Acidity is marble’s worst enemy so any cleaner must be free of typically acidic ingredients, such as citrus or citrus oils. And these special cleaners aren’t exactly cheap so plan for extra cleaning supply expenses when you select marble counters.

3. Marble must be resealed frequently – While most natural stone choices require resealing from time to time, marble is the most maintenance-intensive when it comes to resealing requirements. Depending on how often you use your kitchen, you should reseal marble countertops every three to six months. This will help the stone maintain shine and help protect it from damage.

4. Marble is easily damaged – Marble is one of the softest types of natural stone, which makes it easier to scratch or chip. It’s also very porous and is easily stained. It will also interact with some forms of acid and cause discoloration that is usually permanent. If you opt for marble, be prepared to treat it like the precious stone it is.

Marble is a beautiful choice of stone. The unique characteristics and white background is classic and elegant. Unfortunately, if you choose marble countertops for your kitchen, it comes with a lot of upkeep and care that many people find tiresome over time.  Visit The Cabinet Market in Myrtle Beach, where we can help you find the best countertops for your design style, budget, and needs.