Narrow Kitchen? 8 Tips To Maximize Your Space

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Narrow Kitchen? 8 Tips To Maximize Your Space

Narrow Kitchen? 8 Tips To Maximize Your Space

When you have a narrow kitchen, you need to make the most of every inch of space. Here are 8 great tips to help you make sure you are maximizing your space.

1. Go with white – It might sound like the oldest tip in the book but this one is timeless and true. White reflects light and makes any room feel larger. White cabinetry, white-based countertops and a white backsplash, such as ultra-hip white subway tiles reflect light through the room. Not keen on white? Go with creme or other very light colors to mimic the effect.

2. Solve seating dilemmas – Stackable metal stools can be a great solution to the seating dilemma created by many narrow kitchens – no room! Stackable metal stools come out when you need them for guests or entertaining and stow away in a compact space when you don’t.

3. Give your pantry wheels – One solution to maximize food storage space in a narrow kitchen is to install a roll-out pantry in the unused space next to the refrigerator. By storing food items in your roll-out pantry, you have more room in your cabinets for dishes, glasses and cups, etc.

4. Make your pot rack multi-purpose – A pot rack allows you to store pots and pans without taking up premium real estate in your cabinets. To make your pot rack even more useful, choose a pot rack with a built in shelf. The shelf gives you space to store utensils, pan lids or other items you want to keep stowed out of the way.

5. Give your island wheels too – A mini mobile island is a great option for narrow kitchens. It provides extra workspace and extra storage in a handy, moveable unit that you can move to where you need it most and then stow it in a corner out of the way when you don’t.

6. Make use of awkward corners – If you have an empty, awkward corner space that is too small for cabinets but leaves valuable wall space unused, consider installing open shelving. You can store anything from spices to coffee mugs and even some dishes or serving platters. With open shelving, keeping items organized is key to avoid creating a cluttered look.

7. Make use of the inside of your cabinet doors – The inside of cabinet doors are another place where you can maximize storage for your space. Use the inside panel of cabinet doors to install spice racks, bars for storing cutting boards or hooks to store measuring cups and spoons. This keeps all of these items handy while making the best use of space.

8. Consider a two-seater counter-height dining set – A two-seater counter-height dining set works well in a narrow space where room for seating can be limited. The table top can also double as extra room for food or beverages when you are entertaining guests or just cooling some fresh baked goodies while preparing a big meal.

Having a narrow kitchen can be a challenge. Our 8 tips to help you maximize your space should help you make the most of every inch so your narrow kitchen feels more spacious and more comfortable to work in.