Thinking Tile? Explore Daltile’s Latest Innovations

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Thinking Tile? Explore Daltile’s Latest Innovations

Thinking Tile? Explore Daltile's Latest Innovations

Even if you’ve never heard of Daltile, chances are that you’ve seen it. One out of every three tile products sold in the U.S. is by Daltile. Daltile offers ceramic tile, natural stone tile, porcelain tile and even large slabs of the same materials and more. Daltile is made in the U.S.A. and is an eco-friendly, sustainable choice. In fact, builders and trade professionals use Daltile to help them and buildings they work on qualify for LEED green building certification. Daltile is also well known for raising the bar on safety standards beyond the minimum required by the industry and often leading the way toward better, more durable and greener standards for the entire industry. Let’s take a look at a couple of Daltile’s latest innovations: StepWise tile and FlexFit slabs.


StepWise Tile

StepWise patented technology by Daltile is a slip-resistant tile product ideal for bathrooms, outdoor kitchens, surrounds for pools/hot tubs and tile for outdoor showers. StepWise doesn’t use toxic chemical coatings to create this slip-resistant tile, it’s infused into the tile itself so it never wears off, is non-toxic, easy to clean and safer than traditional tile in slippery places. StepWise tile is also fire-resistant, dent-proof, scratch-resistant, waterproof and stain-proof.

How does it work to reduce slipping? The tile industry uses a measurement called Dynamic Coefficient of Friction (DCOF) to measure how slippery a tile or surface is when wet. The minimal industry standard for this measurement is .42. Daltile StepWise tile options are all at least a minimum of .60–well above the minimum required by the industry. Daltile’s patented innovation creates an infused tile product that is less slippery while still being easy to clean and non-toxic.


FlexFit Slab

Daltile offers FlexFit slabs of Panoramic Porcelain in seven easy-to-customize slab sizes. The porcelain slabs are engineered to cut cleanly without breakage to be easily customized to the size you need–a custom solution at a non-custom price. The slabs come in a variety of styles that look like natural stone or concrete and are made from safe and durable porcelain. FlexFit slabs are ideal for floors, countertops, bathroom surrounds, tub decks and both interior and exterior wall surfaces.

If you have been exploring tile options or slab surface options, then take some time to explore Daltile. Leaders in innovation that make your renovation safer, greener and less expensive.