Top 6 Ways to Add Personality and Charm to Your Bathroom

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Top 6 Ways to Add Personality and Charm to Your Bathroom

No one wants a ho-hum boring bathroom. Adding some personality and charm to your bathroom doesn’t need to be a major project. There are some simple and cost-effective ways you can add more pizzazz to your bathroom without draining your bank account. Here are the top 6 ways to easily add personality and charm to your bathroom.

1. Decorative mirror – While a plain slab mirror does the job, it’s a tad boring. Add personality with a statement-making frame around the mirror. Or choose a non-conventional mirror, such as a round or oval mirror hung on the wall by thick straps and a large decorative hook.

2. Natural materials – Look for ways to incorporate natural elements such as wood, bamboo, stone and even woven baskets can add natural touches that bring out the charm in your bathroom. You can also incorporate greens and bronzes, such as soft green bathroom rugs and blackened bronze hardware, door handles and towel bars.

3. Fun hardware – Fun, unique and unusual hardware is another way to add charm and personality to your bathroom. It’s an often overlooked way to bring in unique elements that make the space truly special. Even better, door and drawer pulls are an inexpensive way to dress up your bathroom cabinetry without breaking the bank. And you can change it up any time you like and shift the look and feel of your bathroom in a totally different direction.

4. Use color – Whether you go with an accent wall, use color on the bottom half of walls or go with all-over color, a simple can of paint can add a significant amount of personality to your bathroom quickly and easily. Whether you go bold, dark or bright, using color will give your bathroom an instant lift in the charm department.

5. Try pattern – How do you use pattern in the bathroom without resorting to wallpaper? It’s easy and no mess to deal with. If your bathroom has windows, go with a patterned window shade that matches your color scheme. Add pattern with patterned towels and bath rugs. You can even add pattern with a simple change to your shower curtain.

6. Trendy sink – One of the more pricey options on our list, a trendy sink can add loads of charm and personality to your space. Choose a unique vessel sink or one made of stone to tie in with the natural elements of tip #2. If a vessel sink isn’t your style, go with a farmhouse style sink made for the bathroom. Choose one with a high back to create room for your faucets. A trendy sink adds a touch of fun while still being functional.

You don’t have to live with a boring old basic bathroom. There are lots of ways to add charm and personality to your bathroom. We’ve shared our top 6 ways to do just that for you to consider. Mix and match ideas to create a bathroom that is interesting and speaks to you.