Updating Your Shower? Consider Curava Shower Surrounds

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November 30, 2018
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Updating Your Shower? Consider Curava Shower Surrounds

When you are ready to upgrade your shower and bathing space, you don’t have to settle for those plain boring acrylic or fiberglass surrounds that seem to be everywhere. Curava shower surrounds can give you the elegant look of marble in a durable porcelain option that is also affordable. A few of the benefits to consider include:


  • Durable – Curava porcelain shower surrounds are made of more durable material than the basic, boring acrylic and fiberglass surrounds.


  • Nearly Maintenance-Free – Curava porcelain shower surrounds don’t require periodic sealing the way some other materials do. It’s also easy to clean and resists stains, making it nearly maintenance-free.


  • Quick Installation – Curava porcelain shower surrounds can be completely installed within a couple of hours. So your shower remodel is done in a flash.


  • Grout-less – Curava porcelain shower surrounds are large, lightweight slabs of versatile porcelain – instead of tiles. This means there are no grout lines for mildew to grow in or for you to scrub and seal. Any joints between slabs are sealed with a high-tech waterproof silicone material you won’t even notice.


  • Colors – Curava porcelain shower surrounds have the elegant look of marble in a number of colors including two beautiful white tones, gray and tan. No need to settle for the off-white beige of the common acrylic surrounds. Depending on the size of your shower remodel project, you might even be able to request a custom color option.


If you’re updating your shower, consider Curava porcelain shower surrounds. Curava uses sustainable and affordable lightweight materials that provide durability and look great. You can have the elegant look of marble without the hassle and upkeep of marble in a durable and easy to care for porcelain surround. To learn more about Curava and their line of sustainable and eco-friendly options for both the bathroom and the kitchen, visit The Cabinet Market. We’re happy to help you explore all of your options for your new shower.