The New Look of Laminate: Explore Wilsonart’s High Pressure Laminate Countertops

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The New Look of Laminate: Explore Wilsonart’s High Pressure Laminate Countertops

The New Look of Laminate: Explore Wilsonart's High Pressure Laminate Countertops

When you think of laminate countertops, you likely envision old scuffed up, scratched surfaces in funky colors from the 1970s. Or you might recall the drab beige barely-there counters of your very first apartment. If so, you are in for quite a surprise because laminate has a new look that just might have you looking twice. Let’s explore laminate offerings from Wilsonart.

Laminate Surfaces: The Basics

Laminate is a manufactured surface created from layers of paper and resins, such as melamine, and adhered to a particleboard or plywood base. Many people assume laminate is a plastic-based material, however, most laminate available today has a focus on being a sustainable and eco-friendly choice compared to natural stone, such as marble or granite, and avoids traditional plastics. When you consider the composition of laminate, it’s easy to see how it earned a reputation for being cheap and easily damaged. New technology and manufacturing processes have brought laminate from the early decades of the 1900s to the modern age.

High Pressure Laminate Technology

High Pressure Laminate is more durable and more high performance than laminate of the past. In particular, Wilsonart’s AEON Enhanced Scratch and Scuff-Resistant technology will change everything you thought you knew about laminate countertops. Wilsonart’s AEON technology begins with layers of resin-treated papers and processes them under high pressure and high heat to create a strong, durable counter and decorative surface. Wilsonart’s HD High Definition line of high pressure laminate options and their Premium line of high pressure laminates both use AEON technology. When compared to traditional laminates, Wilsonart’s HD Laminate is up to 5 times more scratch and scuff resistant and up to 3 times more wear resistant. Wilsonart’s Premium Laminate is up to 3 times more scuff, scratch and wear resistant when compared to traditional laminates by other manufacturers.

The New Look of Laminate

Forget the drab beige and the wild 1970s color palette, today’s laminate has a variety of finishes that look like natural stone, wood or choose modern colors and textures. High pressure laminate options from Wilsonart also come in a variety of finishes, such as high gloss or soft silk – a smooth-to-the-touch velvety matte finish that is fresh and unexpected. You get a luxurious look without the high-end price tag. Wilsonart’s HD line of high pressure laminate also features microbial protection. Instead of a spray or coating applied at the end of the manufacturing process, Wilsonart’s microbial protection is incorporated into every layer of resin so it won’t wash away or wear away over time.

Beautiful and affordable laminate that resists stains, wear, germs, mold, mildew, odors, scuffs and scratches? Yes, please!