7 Small Bathroom Storage Hacks

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7 Small Bathroom Storage Hacks

When you have a super small bathroom, every bit of storage counts. And if you can find ways to add storage, even better! Here are 7 of our favorite small bathroom storage hacks to add storage to any bathroom, no matter how tiny.

1. Get magnetic – Install a magnetic strip on the inside of a cabinet door to create a great place to store tweezers, bobby pins and hair clips.

2. Bring the tension – Install a short tension rod underneath the sink to create a handy hanging rod to store all of your squirt-handled cleaners. Use a basket below it for toilet paper and other essentials.

3. Full length storage – Mount a full-length mirror on the outside of a large inset storage cabinet. When closed, you have a great full-length mirror. When you open it, you have storage space for cleaning supplies, toilet tissue, lotions, shampoo, makeup, hair products, styling equipment and more.

4. Go with tiers – Use tiered storage pieces for bracelets, earrings, watches, make-up and other small items to take up less counter space by going vertical with tiers.

5. Basket the shelf – Install a set of heavy-duty baskets on the wall in place of shelves. They’ll hold more stuff and keep it from looking cluttered since much of it won’t be seen through the front of the basket.

6. Sort it out – Install a wooden mail sorter from an office supply store inside a cabinet or next to a mirror, wherever you need extra storage, and sort it into the boxes. Your counter stays tidy and your items stay sorted and easy to find.

7. Rack it up – Paint a wooden paper towel holder in a color that matches your bathroom (or just white for a clean and fresh look). Slip bracelets, bangles and watches over the center dowel to keep them stacked up and easy to find. If you need it a little shorter, simply saw off the portion you don’t need from the top, give the raw edge a little sanding and a coat of paint. Then you can fit it on a shelf or inside a cabinet if you don’t want it out for all to see.

These 7 storage hacks are some great ways to add more storage area to a small bathroom. Each hack is about doing more with the space you have by going vertical or adding extra storage in clever and often hidden ways. Which small bathroom storage hack is your favorite?