Planning a Bathroom Remodel?

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Top 5 Improvements to Consider for Your Bathroom Remodel
Top 5 Improvements to Consider for Your Bathroom Remodel

When you begin planning your bathroom remodel, it’s important to know what level of remodel you’re planning to undertake and what kind of budget you will need for the changes you want to make. Let’s take a look at four different levels of bathroom remodel and their approximate costs to see where your plans fit in.


Bathroom Update

A bathroom update is more of a surface level remodel. This level of remodel usually involves a fresh coat of paint, new fixtures and faucets, new hardware such as towel bars and an updated decor. In this type of remodel, the major components of the bathroom remain such as the tub, toilet, vanity, tile and sometimes flooring. This type of remodel can cost as little as a few hundred dollars up to a couple thousand dollars.


Major Bathroom Upgrade

This type of remodel is considered the gut and replace style remodel. A major bathroom upgrade usually involves new flooring, a new vanity, new tub, new toilet, all new fixtures and hardware. In this type of remodel, the layout of the various components of the bathroom doesn’t change, you’re just replacing what is already there with a new one in the same spot. This type of remodel can cost anywhere from a few thousand up to $15,000, especially if new drywall is required or plumbing updates are needed.


Bathroom Layout Renovation

A bathroom layout renovation is a remodel that involves changing the layout of the space such as moving fixtures, changing plumbing and moving major components of the bathroom to different locations. This type of remodel usually involves some amount of re-plumbing and re-wiring work. This type of remodel often removes the drywall and strips the bathroom “down to the studs” and can get pretty pricey. Average costs for a bathroom layout renovation can reach $18,000 on the low end and go up quickly from there.


Full Bathroom Change

A full bathroom change is a type of remodel where the dimensions of the room itself are changed. This is common when converting a regular bathroom into a master bathroom. This type of remodel typically involves moving walls or knocking out walls and often requires alterations to the ceiling and roof to maintain structural integrity. This is the most intensive type of bathroom remodel as everything, even the location of the walls, is changing. A full bathroom change can cost from $30,000 and up.

When you’re ready to redo your bathroom, it’s good to know how far you intend to go with your remodel. Are you planning a bathroom update or are you going all the way to a full bathroom change, where you’ll be moving walls and changing the size of the bathroom itself? Or will your changes fall somewhere in between? Knowing exactly how much of the bathroom you’re going to change can help you get a sense of the budget you’ll need. Of course, the experienced designers at The Cabinet Market can help you configure a plan that meets your remodel needs and fits your budget.