4 Things That Make Up a Great Outdoor Kitchen

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4 Things That Make Up a Great Outdoor Kitchen

Homeowners who love to entertain, or just want to enjoy an outdoor dining experience like no other, should consider having an outdoor kitchen built. This is a major undertaking, sure, but once you know which things to take into account, the process becomes more straightforward. The Cabinet Market, the premier kitchen remodeling company in the area, shares what makes up an excellent outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor Kitchen

  1. Sufficient Space
    First things first – your outdoor space should have enough space for a kitchen. How large this space should be will depend on the outdoor kitchen you want. A corner of your deck may be able to fit a fridge, grill, side burner and trash bin if it’s just for the family and a few close friends. But if you love hosting many people, then you’ll need to expand the space to better accommodate all the features you want.

  1. Good Clearance
    The first rule in the safety code is to respect clearances. That’s why you should avoid enclosing your outdoor kitchen with claustrophobic walls and a low ceiling. This goes a long way to maintaining safety in the space.

  1. Proper Ventilation
    In an outdoor kitchen, ventilation remains an integral factor. Proper ventilation not only keeps smoke and odor away from you and your guests, it also prevents discoloration, streaking fumes and grease from sticking to the kitchen surfaces. Most importantly, it vents away scorching heat to better avoid the risk of fires. Ventilation for the outdoor kitchen is a zoning code necessity, so make sure to check your local property laws. You’re most likely required to have vent hoods installed and island vents built to ensure your outdoor kitchen will be up to code.

  1. Add-Ons
    Of course, your outdoor kitchen won’t be complete without the features that can take your dining experience to the next level. From charcoal grills, barbecue smokers and pizza ovens to fridges, wine coolers and beverage stations, the possibilities are almost limitless. And don’t forget about the outdoor furniture – you and your guests will need a comfortable spot to sit down. For safe and effective incorporation of these add-ons, make sure to work with a reliable kitchen remodeler like The Cabinet Market.

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