General Tips to Consider When Planning an Outdoor Kitchen

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General Tips to Consider When Planning an Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen is a must-have if you love to host dinner parties and summer cookouts. It should have features and amenities that are crucial for food preparation, cooking and cleaning. Of course, it should have an efficient and appealing layout that enhances convenience and increases entertainment value. Read on for some general tips to consider when building one on your patio, deck or other outdoor space.

Outdoor Kitchen

Apply the Necessary Kitchen Design Principles

Much like your indoor kitchen, the outdoor counterpart should follow the same design principles, particularly when it comes to functional zones. Features and amenities like the refrigerator, grill, cooktop, sink, counter and cabinets must be within proper distance of each other for seamless movement. Refer to the Kitchen Planning Guidelines set by the National Kitchen & Bath Association® (NKBA) to learn more.

Focus on the Unique Elements

One of the most notable differences between indoor and outdoor kitchens is the fact that the latter is exposed to the elements. Thus, make sure to incorporate shelter and durability considerations when planning and designing the space. Also, since it lacks an outdoor wall as opposed to the indoor one, you’ll have to position your amenities in such a way that they will help define the room’s boundaries or partitions.

Match the Design With the Rest of the Home

Be sure that the design of your outdoor kitchen space complements the rest of your home’s architectural style and landscape. Utilize compatible materials for your countertops, backsplash, cabinets and drawers, incorporating subtle details to achieve a cohesive look. If budget allows, consider adding elements often found in outdoor living spaces, such as a pergola or any open-air structure.

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