Gloss Cabinet Finishes: Advantages and Drawbacks

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Gloss Cabinet Finishes: Advantages and Drawbacks

High-gloss kitchen cabinets became very popular in the 1970s and complemented accessories made of chrome and Bakelite. However, unlike other aesthetic trends of the time, gloss finishes remain popular to this day. Kitchen cabinets with gloss finishes are typically seen in contemporary kitchen styles, particularly with designs that emphasize sleekness, with minimal to no accessories. Let’s consider the pros and cons.

Gloss Cabinet Finishes


  1. Reflects Light

To make a room appear larger and brighter, high-gloss acrylic kitchen cabinets reflect the light. If you’re working in a small environment, this will be a huge help. Also, if you choose a darker shade of color, the light reflection helps absorb the light from the space.

  1. Visually Appealing

The high-gloss finish is naturally appealing and energetic. Its great textural contrast makes your kitchen classy and large. To achieve the kitchen’s function of gathering people together over culinary delights, it must be inviting enough to most members of the family.

  1. Easy to Clean

One of the most appealing features of high-gloss cabinets is how simple they are to clean: all you have to do is wipe away stains with a moist, non-scratch cloth, and you’re good to go! There are no additional cleaning supplies or costly cleaning solutions required.

  1. Waterproof

Another fantastic benefit of these cabinets is that they are waterproof and do not require any extra treatment or sealant to last longer.


  1. Noticeable Imperfections

Gloss can be beneficial in a number of ways, but it can also make scratches, fingerprints, grime and other smudges more visible. This is acceptable if you only have a few seconds to clear the area, but other people prefer matte because it hides these kinds of flaws better.

  1. Requires Frequent Cleaning

This type of cabinet door is easy to clean, but it requires frequent washing due to the visible fingerprints and smudges. So that their kids don’t smear dirt and leave fingerprints all over the house, some homeowners only apply high-gloss to higher cabinets.

  1. Costly

These high-gloss doors are more expensive than conventional doors due to their popularity among homeowners. This means you must set aside a significant portion of your budget for this area of your kitchen, both during purchase and maintenance. Glossy kitchen doors are definitely worth the investment.

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