Kitchen Cabinets: Should You Use Knobs or Pulls?

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Best Kitchen Improvements for Your Buck in 2021
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Kitchen Cabinets: Should You Use Knobs or Pulls?

Sometimes, it’s the smallest details that offer the biggest impact. This is especially true in kitchen cabinet hardware – your choice not only defines the overall look of your kitchen, but affects its functionality as well. You have the option to pick either knobs or pulls for your kitchen cabinets. But which choice actually works best for you? 

Kitchen Cabinets

  1. Hardware Cost
    Kitchen cabinet pulls and knobs vary in price. Whether or not they’re reasonably priced or expensive will depend on the material used. Knobs, for example, are generally more cost-effective than pulls because they’re smaller, but if you have your eye on ones made of unique Swarovski® crystal or a similar expensive material, then you can expect to pay more. 

  1. Customization
    Knobs and pulls are both available in a wide array of materials, finishes and designs. Some knobs, for instance, are crafted to look like cut crystal while pulls can be designed with curlicues and other embellishments. You won’t lack for customization should go for one or the other. The versatility of knobs and pulls allow them to match seamlessly and beautifully with your chosen kitchen design, whether it’s traditional or contemporary. Here are a few examples:

  • For shaker style cabinets, pick simple round knobs (in steel, glass or nickel) or vintage steel or nickel pulls with exposed screws.

  • For distressed cabinets, choose rustic knobs or bronzed pulls for that vintage look.

  • For flat paneled cabinets, go for a simple flat bar pull.

  • For louvered cabinets, select simple, classic knobs to complement the cabinet’s elaborate design.

  1. Functionality
    Aside from being more cost-effective, knobs are easier to install and will remain centered, meaning they won’t get crooked like pulls. But they still have drawbacks. Knobs take more effort to clean, and they can get caught in clothing. Pulls, on the other hand, are more accessible than knobs. That’s because they’re easier to grab, making them useful to those with a weak grip or have difficulty in fine motor skills. Pulls are also the better choice if your cabinet doors are on the thicker and heavier side. However, they’re more expensive than knobs and get crooked over time.

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