Framed vs. Frameless Kitchen Cabinets

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Cabinetry is an essential part of any kitchen. Whether you’re considering functionality or design, kitchen cabinets can make a big difference. That said, choosing between framed and frameless cabinets can be challenging because these two types of cabinets have their own advantages. Read on to learn more about these cabinet types.

Kitchen Cabinets

Framed Kitchen Cabinets

Commonly known as American style or “traditional” cabinetry, framed cabinets are built with a face frame covering the front of the cabinet box. The doors of this type of cabinet are attached to the face frame itself so the box has more stability. Face frames also allow for easier installation and door or drawer adjustment. Generally, framed cabinets come in more sizes and modifications, so these would suit you if you want your cabinets to have a particular look. 

Framed cabinets are also a good choice for those who prefer a traditional design as well as flexibility for door options (inset, partial overlay or full overlay). If you are fond of decorative hinges or you prefer to keep hinges hidden, framed cabinets would certainly suit your needs.

Frameless Kitchen Cabinets

Frameless cabinets are designed with no face frame, so the cabinet doors attach directly to the side of the box. Because of this, frameless cabinets are able to offer easier access and more storage space. That said, these cabinets are usually recommended to people with smaller kitchens where every inch matters. Frameless cabinets also have a sleeker look than framed cabinets, so they are ideal for modern- and contemporary-styled kitchens. These cabinets are also referred to as full access, European style or modern cabinetry.

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