8 Creative Ways to Make Your Bathroom More Organized

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8 Creative Ways to Make Your Bathroom More Organized

When it comes to the bathroom, the small amount of storage space can be an organizational nightmare. However, with a bit of creativity and some inexpensive items, your bathroom can be more organized and more functional than you ever imagined. Here are 8 creative ways to make your bathroom more organized.

1. Add a tiered stand in a corner or open space near the tub or shower. Use the tiered stand to store frequently used shower items such as scrubs, sponges, bubble bath, back scrubbers or even extra toilet paper (if in reach of the toilet).

2. Use lazy susans inside bathroom cabinets. Organize items on lazy susans and just spin your way to the item you need, when you need it.

3. Add shelving above the toilet. Pick up a few sturdy shelves about the width of your toilet and depth of the tank (for head clearance) and install them above the toilet for easy extra storage.

4. Create storage on the inside of cabinet doors with clear plastic bins. Store everyday items right on the inside of the cabinet doors. Not only will your items be handy but you’ll be using every bit of storage space possible.

5. Divide up vanity drawers with organizers. Pick up a few different size drawer organizers and create a custom organization scheme inside your vanity drawers that divide the space into easy to use sections.

6. Add a free-standing cabinet to your bathroom. If you have the space, add a free-standing cabinet to your bathroom. You’ll gain extra storage for towels, linens, toilet paper and toiletries in a stylish and contained space.

7. Organize children’s bath toys in vented waterproof bins to make clean-up time after bath a breeze. Simply let toys air dry and stow away until the next bathtime.

8. Keep your most-used items that would likely migrate to the counter organized on a decorative tray. Choose a coordinating decorative cup for hair brushes or make-up brushes and organize items to look like a deliberate design choice.

No matter what size bathroom you have, every bathroom seems to run short on storage at some point. Armed with these 8 creative ideas to make your bathroom more organized, you’ll make the most of the storage you have and showcase your unique style.