5 Kitchen Stressors & How To Avoid Them

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5 Kitchen Stressors & How To Avoid Them

Kitchens are the center and heart of a home. It’s where family meals are prepped and served with love. Where kids do their homework while nibbling on after school snacks. And it’s where the last thing you want to feel is stress. Let’s take a look at 5 ways your kitchen could be adding to your stress:

1. Poor lighting – A too-dark kitchen not only feels dark but it can increase feelings of depression and cause stress. Straining to see while chopping or preparing foods could be causing you more stress than you realize. Add some light to brighten the space and improve visibility. Your mood and your fingers will thank you.

2. Lack of organization – If the only organization in your kitchen is the utensil sorter, the lack of order in your kitchen could be a stressor. Frequently searching through drawers and cabinets for items you need is frustrating and results in increased stress. Visit the organization section of your local home improvement store for a number of options to help organize the items in your kitchen for quick and easy access.

3. Inefficiently arranged – Are the items in your kitchen housed in the places that make the most sense for efficient use? Often, where items are stored in relation to where they are most frequently used isn’t the most efficient. If your spices are in a cabinet next to the refrigerator but you use them most while cooking at the stove, relocating the spices to a cabinet near the stove gives you faster and more efficient access where you need it. Take a look at where everything is stored in your kitchen, then look at where you most often use each item to make sure you have the most efficient arrangement possible (and a less stressful one).

4. Kitchen prep space too closed in – There’s a reason open concept kitchens are so popular. The open space allows you to chat easily with family or guests while prepping a meal (or keep an eye on the kids). A kitchen that feels too closed in and requires you to leave your prep space or the stove frequently to watch kids or have a conversation can quickly become a stressor. If space allows, consider a mobile island that you can wheel around to where you need it, when you need it and can store away when not in use.

5. Shallow sinks – If washing the pots and pans after dinner leaves the front of your outfit soaked, it’s likely you have shallow sinks. Shallow sinks cause stress in a few different ways. First, they’re not deep enough to comfortably fit pots and pans for filling – or washing. Shallow sinks also show stacks of dirty dishes more easily. If possible, install a single large and deep sink to provide more space for filling and washing large items and more space to stash away dirty dishes after entertaining.

In most homes, the kitchen is the center of all the action. It should give you a feeling of comfort and joy – not unneeded stress. How many of these kitchen stressors are lurking in your kitchen?  Call The Cabinet Market to the rescue!