Bathroom Updates with the Most Bang for Your Buck

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Bathroom Updates with the Most Bang for Your Buck

Bathroom Updates with the Most Bang for Your Buck

When chosen carefully, bathroom updates can get you from 60% return on investment (ROI) to over 100% ROI. The key is knowing which upgrades give you the most bang for your buck. We’ve got a handy list of top upgrades right here.

Go Vertical – The one thing nearly every bathroom could use more of is storage space. Even in the smallest bathroom, more storage is possible if you think vertically. Create more storage by installing shelves vertically and instantly add value to your bathroom (and your home).

Make a Statement – Large custom showers have taken the spotlight for the last several years and have shoved the tub further and further from thought with tiny barely-there tubs that just say “forgotten”. Big, bold statement tubs are making a big comeback in the bathroom. A garden style, deep soaking tub is ideal and you can get them with or without surrounding decking to make just the statement you want… “wow!”

Go Faux – Everything spa-like influenced is the new classic and timeless look. Spas have lots of different elements, including wood. However, wood doesn’t hold up well in the moist and steamy environment of your average bathroom. Go faux with wood-looking tiles or faux wood vinyl panels to create the look and spa-like feel without the warp and rot that comes with using real wood in the bathroom.

Update Laminate – Laminate only gives one message to a buyer–cheap. Laminate can also be expensive to replace and a pain to rip out and redo. One way to update laminate is to cover it up with a concrete overlay. With tons of options to choose from and so many colors and finishes, a concrete overlay doesn’t just update that old laminate, it adds flair and style to your bathroom without breaking the bank.

When you spend money on bathroom updates, you want to make sure the updates you choose will add value or at least make up for their cost when you choose to sell. These are the top bathroom updates that are bringing the biggest bang for your buck.