Best Kitchen Improvements for Your Buck in 2021

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Best Kitchen Improvements for Your Buck in 2021

When making improvements or upgrades to your kitchen, you want to get the most bang for your buck. Your kitchen doesn’t need a full remodel to make profitable improvements. You can make a few select upgrades that update your kitchen while giving you the best ROI. Here’s how to make the most out of your dollars and cents in the kitchen in 2021.

1. Countertop Update – One of the components of your kitchen that can easily make your space feel totally old and outdated are your countertops. Outdated countertops make a kitchen feel dated and old. Choosing a new countertop in a modern material such as granite, natural stone, concrete, stainless steel, butcher’s block, bamboo or composite can instantly give your tired old kitchen a facelift.

2. New Backsplash – Updating your backsplash (or adding one if you don’t already have one) can bring visual interest and a touch of modern flair to your kitchen. Choose colorful glass or ceramic tiles, stainless steel or even chalkboard for your backsplash and make your kitchen fresh and new again. Quick note about chalkboard, it’s best to use it in areas where it won’t collect a lot of grease.

3 New Cabinets – New cabinets breathe new life into an older kitchen. Particularly hot right now are soft grays, two-toned cabinets (different colors for top and bottom), a pop of color or the always classic white.

4. Update Fixtures – You’ll be surprised just how much new faucets and fixtures can change the look and feel of your kitchen space. If you can, go for modern options like touch sensor on/off or braided flexible water supply hoses that extend from the main faucet. Also keep finish in mind. Brushed nickel, brass and even copper finishes are fresh and modern.

5. Add an Island – If you have the space, add an island. You can choose a stationary island or a modular one you can move around on wheels for more flexibility. Adding an island adds countertop workspace – a major value in the kitchen. Choose an island with storage options to get even more bang for your buck on this upgrade.

You don’t have to do a complete kitchen remodel to make upgrades and improvements that not only update your space but also are a good return on your investment. These 5 items are the top of the list when it comes to getting the most bang for your home improvement buck in the kitchen for 2021.