The Beauty of Cambria Countertops

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The Beauty of Cambria Countertops

When selecting new countertops, have you considered Cambria? If you’ve never heard of Cambria, let us introduce you! Cambria countertops are made in America by dedicated craftsmen and women with an eye on quality throughout the manufacturing and fabrication process. Before you settle for some other stone, take a look at the unique features Cambria offers:

1. Durable – Cambria is harder and more durable than granite or marble. Cambria countertops won’t chip, crack, scratch or stain like marble and granite can. Granite and marble require periodic resealing and polishing to protect the stone and keep its luster. Cambria doesn’t require resealing and polishing. Simply wash with warm water and some mild soap and Cambria is ready to go.

2. Healthier – Cambria is nonporous and non absorbent so it won’t absorb any fluids or liquids from foods. In fact, Cambria is NSF 51 certified safe as a food prep surface. Because it won’t absorb any kind of moisture from foods, it doesn’t harbor or grow harmful bacteria.

3. Eco-Conscious – Cambria recycles all metal tooling and 100% of the water used for polishing. Their Canadian quartz mine runs 100% by hydroelectric power. This means when you choose Cambria countertops, you’re choosing a product that was created with the environment in mind every step of the way. From the quartz mine to your home, they aim to keep their footprint as small as possible.

Cambria is so durable and high-quality that it comes with a full lifetime warranty. You won’t find any lifetime warranty on a slab of marble or granite. And Cambria is still made from natural materials so you get the beauty of natural stone with durability and protection no natural stone option can match. If you want a durable, healthier and more eco-conscious option, we invite you to explore Cambria countertops.