Behind Door Number 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6…

Many homeowners in Myrtle Beach spend many hours researching different options, styles, colors, textures and products for the kitchen of their dreams. Thankfully, many homeowners in […]

The Right Size for Your Kitchen Sink

The Right Size for Your Kitchen Sink is the most used fixture in your kitchen. Think about how many roles your sink plays. It’s the place […]

What Every Bath Needs

Our designers designs lots of new bathrooms for homeowners in Grand Dunes. There are several design features that homeowners in Grand Dunes may not consider in […]

Creating the Kitchen of Your Dreams

Homeowners in Myrtle Beach spend months, if not longer, researching options to create the kitchen of their dreams. This research is invaluable because it provides insights […]

Small Is Beautiful

We understand that Small Is Beautiful not all homeowners in Myrtle Beach the footprint in their kitchens for long islands, endless countertop space and walk-in pantries. […]

Decisions – Decisions: Best Practices For Making Product Selection Easier

Planning a new dream kitchen is exciting and fun. Homeowners in Myrtle Beach can let their imaginations run wild and they often do so, imagining gleaming […]

Best Practices for Planning Your Primary Bath

Best Practices for Planning Your Primary Bath,  Increasingly, homeowners in Myrtle Beach who continue to spend most of their time in their homes, want their homes […]

A Wise Investment At Any Time

A Wise Investment At Any Time Homeowners in Myrtle Beach that make an investment in a new dream kitchen and/or bath are not only making the […]

3 Factors That Make or Break Your Bathroom Remodel

The success of your bathroom remodel is actually dependent on a few important factors. Consider them carefully, and you won’t just get the most out of […]

Custom, Semi-Custom and Stock Cabinets: A Quick Comparison

The cabinets are an integral part of your kitchen and bathroom design. They not only provide the storage you need, but also help define the overall […]

4 Things That Make Up a Great Outdoor Kitchen

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Kitchen Cabinets: Should You Use Knobs or Pulls?

Sometimes, it’s the smallest details that offer the biggest impact. This is especially true in kitchen cabinet hardware – your choice not only defines the overall […]

Best Kitchen Improvements for Your Buck in 2021

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Kitchen Remodeling Do’s and Don’ts in an HOA Community

A kitchen remodel takes a lot of planning and preparation. If you live in an homeowners association (HOA) community, you also need to take into account […]

4 Best Wood Species for Kitchen Cabinetry

Thanks to its inherent durability and distinct character, wood is a sought-after material used for kitchen cabinetry. While some prefer the practicality of engineered products, other […]

Product Spotlight: Why Choose Wellborn Cabinet® Products?

Since 1961, Wellborn Cabinet® has been a family-owned business dedicated to producing the highest quality bath and kitchen cabinetry. Since then, Wellborn Cabinet has been creating […]

Gloss Cabinet Finishes: Advantages and Drawbacks

High-gloss kitchen cabinets became very popular in the 1970s and complemented accessories made of chrome and Bakelite. However, unlike other aesthetic trends of the time, gloss […]

Kitchen Cabinets: Understanding the Different Grades

When choosing brand-new cabinets for your kitchen, it is important to take the quality of their construction into account. Generally, cabinets are grouped into four grades: […]

4 Benefits of Hiring a Professional for a Bathroom Remodeling Project

A bathroom remodel is a valuable investment that requires the expertise and experience of a professional remodeler. This is because it usually involves working with plumbing […]

General Tips to Consider When Planning an Outdoor Kitchen

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Tips to Get Your Kitchen Remodel Off to a Good Start

Planning your kitchen remodel carefully allows you to make the most of your investment. More importantly, it saves you from the potential stress and frustration that […]

Framed vs. Frameless Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinetry is an essential part of any kitchen. Whether you’re considering functionality or design, kitchen cabinets can make a big difference. That said, choosing between framed […]

3 Best Countertop Choices for Outdoor Kitchens

When choosing a countertop for your outdoor kitchen, durability and maintenance are often on the priority list of qualities you want. Fortunately, there are several countertop […]

Choosing the Best Option For Your Bathroom Walls

Walls in a bathroom are different from walls anywhere else in your home. They need to have surfaces that can stand up to moisture that other […]

100 Years of KitchenAid – New Limited Edition Appliances Out Now

KitchenAid, the brand behind the iconic in-home stand mixer beloved by home bakers everywhere, is turning 100 years old. Launched in 1919, KitchenAid is celebrating its […]

Choosing a Vanity for Your Bathroom Remodel

Bathrooms are generally low on space so you want to make the most of the space you have. This is especially true when choosing a new […]

Bathroom Reno: Choosing Between a Walk-In Shower and a Bathtub

When doing a bathroom renovation, it’s common to wrestle with the decision between a bathtub or a walk-in shower. To help you with this decision, consider […]

Design Tips for Small Bathroom Remodels

When you are remodeling a small bathroom, you want to make use of every inch of space available to you. Here are some great tips for […]

Top 5 Improvements to Consider for Your Bathroom Remodel

Part of the fun of a bathroom remodel is choosing the improvements and upgrades you’d like in your new space. Here are some hot choices for […]

Planning a Bathroom Remodel?

When you begin planning your bathroom remodel, it’s important to know what level of remodel you’re planning to undertake and what kind of budget you will […]

Choosing the Right Kitchen Sink for Your Remodel

Choosing the right kitchen sink for your remodel involves making three specific decisions: type of sink, number of bowls and what material you want your sink […]

7 Strategies for Getting the Most Out of Your Kitchen Remodel

Homeowners spend more budget remodeling their kitchen than any other room in the house. It’s no surprise when you consider that in most homes, the kitchen […]

Top Tips for Planning Your Kitchen Remodel

Remodeling your kitchen is an exciting project and it’s understandable that you want to just jump right in. However, without a clear plan, you’ll end up […]

Bamboo: The Hot New Trend For Your Bathroom

Bamboo is a sustainable, eco-friendly option that can be used for flooring, cabinetry, accessories and even woven into wallpaper. Technically a grass, bamboo grows and matures […]

Choosing the Best Material for Your New Kitchen Countertops

There are so many types of materials available now to choose from for your kitchen countertops that it’s easy to get overwhelmed. The Cabinet Market comes […]


The 2020 U.S. Houzz Kitchen Trends Study offers insights into the cabinet trends for 2020. The study gathered info from nearly 2600 homeowners who remodeled their […]

Corner Cabinet Storage Solutions

If you have a U-shaped or L-shaped kitchen, you likely have a deep corner cabinet with depths impossible to reach. What a waste of usable space! […]

Top 6 Ways to Add Personality and Charm to Your Bathroom

No one wants a ho-hum boring bathroom. Adding some personality and charm to your bathroom doesn’t need to be a major project. There are some simple […]

Crafty? Creative Ways to Organize Your Craft Room

Have an out of control craft room? With so many different pieces and paints and fabrics and ribbons and threads, it’s not hard for a craft […]

Choosing the Right Sink for Your Bathroom Remodel

When choosing a sink for your new bathroom, it’s important to consider several factors. First, consider how much space you have for your sink, countertop and […]

Playing with Paint: Color Your Kitchen

Love color? The kitchen is a great place to experiment and play with color. You can change the whole look and feel of your kitchen simply […]

Choosing a Cabinet Door Type

When choosing what type of cabinet door is best for your kitchen, it’s important to consider both style and function. There are three main types of […]

Affordable Bathroom Upgrade Ideas

When you want to make some upgrades to your bathroom but don’t have much cash in the piggy bank, these affordable upgrades can give you the […]

8 Creative Ways to Make Your Bathroom More Organized

When it comes to the bathroom, the small amount of storage space can be an organizational nightmare. However, with a bit of creativity and some inexpensive […]

Should Your Cabinet Plans Include an Appliance Garage?

Once considered out of style, the appliance garage is making a comeback. Should you include one in your cabinet plans? The Old Appliance Garage Originally, appliance […]

Is Pull-Out Shelving Right for Your Kitchen?

Pull-out shelving are layers of shelves in each cabinet that slide out using gliders or wheels and feature a lip around the edges to prevent items […]

Top 6 Bathroom Layout Mistakes to Avoid

When doing a bathroom remodel, it’s easy to get carried away with details like tile and flooring choices. However, what matters most in a bathroom redo […]

Modernizing Your Outdated Bathroom

When you have a limited budget and an outdated bathroom, there are a number of things you can do to modernize your bathroom without breaking the […]

Avoid These 7 Kitchen Layout Mistakes

When tackling a kitchen remodel, you want your new kitchen to be both stylish and functional. How functional or efficient a kitchen is depends on layout. […]

Are Floor-to-Ceiling Cabinets Right for Your Kitchen?

A newer trend in kitchens is to move most or all of the cabinetry to one floor-to-ceiling wall of doors and drawers. This provides the necessary […]

7 No Fail Space Saving Ideas for Small Kitchens

If you have a small kitchen, you know how limited kitchen space can be. It’s important to make the most out of every single inch available […]

Simple Ways to Make Your Kitchen More Eco-Friendly

No one can deny that the environment is a key area of concern. Recycling, reusing and reducing your use of plastics, paper and glass are great […]

Have a Crush on Quartz? Check Out Quartz Surfaces from HanStone

Quartz is incredibly popular right now for both kitchens and bathrooms and even outdoor spaces. If you have a crush on quartz, you’ll want to take […]

How to Choose a Bathtub for Your Bathroom Redo

After years of shower domination, the bathtub is making a major comeback. Whether you’re adding a bathtub back into your bathroom or replacing an old bathtub, […]

Quiz: What’s Your Kitchen Personality?

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Kitchen Upgrades with Great ROI

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Bathroom Updates with the Most Bang for Your Buck

When chosen carefully, bathroom updates can get you from 60% return on investment (ROI) to over 100% ROI. The key is knowing which upgrades give you […]

Thinking Tile? Explore Daltile’s Latest Innovations

Even if you’ve never heard of Daltile, chances are that you’ve seen it. One out of every three tile products sold in the U.S. is by […]

Using Cabinets in Your Child’s Bedroom: A Simple Storage Solution

Kid’s room a constant mess? Install cabinets and drawers to keep your child’s room neat and organized. Here are some fresh ideas for using cabinets in […]

7 Small Bathroom Storage Hacks

When you have a super small bathroom, every bit of storage counts. And if you can find ways to add storage, even better! Here are 7 […]

Get Organized with Kitchen Organizers for Cabinets, Drawers and More

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Kitchen Cabinet Organization Tips from the Pros

Getting your kitchen organized can be a big chore, especially if you haven’t done it in a while. By following the process and tips of the […]

Dress Up Your Shower with the Freshest Trends in Tile

Your shower doesn’t have to be just ho-hum and functional. Your shower can be exciting and fun with these fresh tile trends. 1. Go for Graphics […]

Love Color? The Hottest Cabinet Colors for Your Kitchen

Color is having a big moment right now–perhaps the biggest moment since the orange-green-brown moment of the 1970s. However, there is one difference, you’ll be far […]

Hot Kitchen Countertop Trends in 2019

We’re well into 2019 and some definite trends are emerging for countertops this year. If you weren’t planning on new countertops anytime soon, this list of […]

Are Cubby-Style Cabinets Right for Your Kitchen?

A growing trend for the kitchen is opting for cubby-style cabinets. Cubbies are a set of smaller squares and rectangles used in place of traditional cabinets […]

Kitchen Cabinet Trend: Nixing Upper Cabinets

It all started with open shelving… People first began nixing upper kitchen cabinets in favor of open shelving. Now, even open shelving is disappearing and leaving […]

Wait…What?! A Cabinet for Sleeping? What Exactly Is A Box Bed?

Let us introduce you to the “lit clos” (it’s French) or as it’s also known, the box bed. A trend that started back in medieval times […]

What is Universal Design? 8 Universal Design Tips for Your Kitchen

Universal Design is a set of design principles intended to make your home and features of your home accessible to anyone, regardless of age, size or […]

Top 4 Things to Consider When Designing a Kitchen Island

Adding an island to your kitchen is an exciting project. A kitchen island can provide extra storage, added counter space, an extra sink, extra outlets and […]

What Happened to the Medicine Cabinet?

Walk into any number of modern bathrooms and you might notice something very common is missing. No, it’s not the 1960s-era wall-mounted toothbrush holder and soap […]

5 Benefits of Soft Close Cabinetry

Soft close cabinetry is cabinetry outfitted with special door hinges and drawer rails that automatically slow down and gently close the door or drawer. The soft […]

Are Smart Appliances the Right Choice for Your Kitchen?

These days, it seems that nearly anything you can think of comes in a “smart” version. It’s safe to assume that anything “smart” generally connects to […]

Time To Remodel? Outdated Kitchen Trends

Sigh, the trends of yesteryear… Things we once couldn’t imagine would go out of style are now outdated and over with. Do you have any of […]

The New Look of Laminate: Explore Wilsonart’s High Pressure Laminate Countertops

When you think of laminate countertops, you likely envision old scuffed up, scratched surfaces in funky colors from the 1970s. Or you might recall the drab […]

Top 9 Bathroom Trends for 2019

A new year means new trend forecasts are everywhere. We combed through the predictions and the lists to bring you the top 9 trends for bathrooms […]

Budget-Friendly Bathroom Makeover: Top 6 Tips

You don’t need a big budget to give your bathroom a great makeover. There are lots of ways you can make your bathroom feel fresh and […]

Explore Creative Kitchen Backsplash Options

Need to spice up your kitchen but don’t have a big budget? Get a great new look with a new kitchen backsplash. Here are some fun […]

Space Saving Ideas for Your Small Kitchen Remodel

When you have a small kitchen, there never seems to be enough space. When you remodel a small kitchen, you want to maximize every bit of […]

Updating Your Shower? Consider Curava Shower Surrounds

When you are ready to upgrade your shower and bathing space, you don’t have to settle for those plain boring acrylic or fiberglass surrounds that seem […]

Green Countertops – Benefits of Recycled Glass Countertops by GEOS

Earth-friendly isn’t just a trend, it’s a step toward protecting our environment and combating climate change in any way we can. Many homeowners who have looked […]

Latest Trends In Kitchen Design: How Does your Kitchen Compare?

The kitchen is the hub of most homes. In fact, it remains the most popular room for homeowners to renovate. If you have a kitchen update […]

Cabinet Hardware Finishes By Atlas

When it comes to kitchen cabinet hardware, the styles, shapes and different finishes available can be mind boggling. In fact, we can devote an entire blog […]

Narrow Kitchen? 8 Tips To Maximize Your Space

When you have a narrow kitchen, you need to make the most of every inch of space. Here are 8 great tips to help you make […]

What Makes Dekton Countertops Different?

Dekton is a manufactured countertop option created from unique blends of the raw materials used in glass, quartz and porcelain. The blended material is then treated […]

The Pros & Cons of Quartz Countertops

If you are in the market for new countertops, quartz is an option deserving of strong consideration. It is an attractive material that is easy to […]

5 Tips for Choosing Kitchen Hardware

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Kitchen Design: Bring Nature Into It

Natural elements make any kitchen feel fresh and modern. It only takes a few light touches to bring nature into your new kitchen design. Here are […]

Outdoor Kitchen Built To Last: The Benefits of NatureKast

Outdoor kitchens are more popular than ever. Our warm climate makes year-round outdoor cooking and entertaining a bonus. However, the summertime punishing sun and humidity, and […]

The Beauty of Cambria Countertops

When selecting new countertops, have you considered Cambria? If you’ve never heard of Cambria, let us introduce you! Cambria countertops are made in America by dedicated […]

Introducing Our New Line of Aspire Cabinetry by Wellborn

While there are three main categories of kitchen design: contemporary, traditional and transitional, there are only two types of cabinet construction: framed or frameless. Framed cabinetry […]

Kitchen Appliances: 6 Tips Before You Buy

Before you plunk down the cash for your next major kitchen appliance, check out our handy list of tips to ensure you get an appliance that […]

Marble Countertops: Maintenance Is A Must

If you love the look of marble countertops, there are a few things it’s helpful to know about this unique and beautiful stone before you finalize […]

5 Kitchen Stressors & How To Avoid Them

Kitchens are the center and heart of a home. It’s where family meals are prepped and served with love. Where kids do their homework while nibbling […]

Kitchen Accessories To Make Your Space Homey and Rustic

The kitchen is the heart of the home. Here are a few simple and homey touches you can add to your kitchen to give it that […]

Tips to Choosing the Right Cabinets for You

Replacing your kitchen cabinets is no small decision. Well-made cabinets last for decades so you want to make sure you choose kitchen cabinets you will love […]

4 Signs You Need A Bathroom Update

Whether you’ve owned your home for years or just bought a home, making updates to different rooms in your home and when is always a big […]

Renovating Your Beach Condo for Sale or Vacation Rental

When you’re looking to sell your beach condo or convert it into a Myrtle Beach vacation rental, a complete overhaul isn’t necessary. In most cases, a […]

The Benefits of Working With A Reputable Cabinet Dealer

When choosing new cabinets for the kitchen or bathroom, many homeowners end up at a discount warehouse or home improvement chain store. Cabinets are intended to […]

What Decade Does Your House Live In?

Is your house so outdated that you aren’t even sure which decade it’s from? What looks tacky today might have been top of the line in […]