Time Is of the Essence

Time Is On Your Side
Color Trends that Can Make a Dream Kitchen

Homeowners in Myrtle Beach area are focused on how they can improve their lives. As a return to the new normal takes place following COVID-19, what remains is that most homeowners in Myrtle Beach area believe that their daily life centers around their homes. This is due principally because many of homeowners in Myrtle Beach area continue to work either part- or full-time from their homes. A national study found that many Americans are working from home at least 3.5 days per week on average and hybrid work schedules are not expected to change in the near term.

The focus on the home has fueled demand for new kitchens and baths not only in Myrtle Beach area but also nationwide. That’s one of the reasons why timelines for product and project deliveries have ballooned. Homeowners in Myrtle Beach area can greatly reduce the time it takes to plan their dream kitchen and stress levels associated with it by taking advantage of a professional designers’ and showroom’s expertise. Here’s how.

When you first visit our showroom, be open and candid with your goals, preferences, styles and budgets. Your goal is to explain to the professional you are trusting to create the kitchen of your dreams the vision you have for the space and how you want your new kitchen and bath to look, feel and function when the job is complete. Discussing budget is equally important because it enables designers to direct you to products and design opportunities that match your available resources, but do not compromise your goals. We find that many homeowners in Myrtle Beach area have been adversely influenced by home improvement television shows that quote pricing and timelines that have no basis in the real world. Remember, home improvement television shows are not documentaries. They are entertainment. Typically, prices quoted do not include the cost of labor, design, code compliance, permits, etc.

If you believe that your designer is the professional to partner with for your project, the next step typically is a visit to your home to measure the space and for the designer to obtain a sense of your style. We also encourage homeowners in Myrtle Beach area to use Instagram, Houzz and other similar sites to identify styles and products that you prefer and to include your designer as a contributor. That enables your designer to further understand what you like and what is important to you. You designer can then curate the vast number of products, styles and preferences on your behalf, saving countless hours of time and uncertainty and present to you a comprehensive proposal that recommends specific products and approaches that meet your needs and budgets. Homeowners can easily substitute different options, but we find this approach provides homeowners in Myrtle Beach area with a great sense of relief because a professional design can tap into their experience and expertise to identify the products and solutions that you want and need. In almost every project, we find that homeowners in Myrtle Beach area are thrilled with the solutions presented and explain, “That’s it.” It’s the ah-ha moment that is exciting and electric.

We understand that many homeowners in Myrtle Beach area don’t have the luxury of spending numerous hours on minor details and exploring and selecting unfamiliar products and approaches. That’s why showrooms and designers are so valuable and can save you time and energy that are better spent enjoying your home and family. How can we make creating your new dream kitchen or bath easier and less stressful? Give us a call at 843.293.3030 or make an appointment to visit our showroom at 4551 Highway 17 Bypass South Myrtle Beach, SC 29577 and let us show you how we can save you time and make your dreams come true.