Quiz: What’s Your Kitchen Personality?

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Quiz: What’s Your Kitchen Personality?

Thinking of revamping your kitchen? Before you start making choices, discover your kitchen personality first with our handy quiz. Keep track of your answers to learn your kitchen personality at the end!

1. How often do you cook?
A. Rarely. We’re take-out fans in our house.
B. We are serious cooks. We love to entertain and cook for friends and family often.
C. We cook quick and easy meals most days but for holidays, we really go all out and cook for the whole crowd.

2. How busy is your kitchen?
A. It’s a ghost town.
B. It’s the heart of the home. Everyone is always in the kitchen.
C. It can get a little busy sometimes when we have guests.

3. How many cooks in your household?
A. We only cook if we really have to.
B. Cooking is a family affair in our house. The whole family (even the kids) get involved in prepping and cooking meals.
C. Usually just one person cooks at our house.

4. Which of these statements about your ideal kitchen best fits you?
A. We could really use an expanded recycling center for plastics, paper, glass and other items.
B. We would make great use of a kitchen with extra cooking space, such as a 6-burner range, dual ovens and extra prep space.
C. We would love a kitchen that has multiple functions and serves as more than just a kitchen.

5. What are your thoughts about easy clean-up?
A. A minimal kitchen that requires minimal cleaning is best for us.
B. We’re more concerned with quality and commercial-grade cooking appliances and functional prep-spaces than the clean-up.
C. We’re always busy. Quick and easy is our motto so the easier to clean the kitchen is, the better.

Results: What is your kitchen personality?
If you answered mostly A’s: Minimal Use Kitchen
We get it. Life gets busy and take-out makes everything so much easier. Your basic use for the kitchen is to reheat leftover take-out and sort the recycling afterward. While you minimally use your kitchen, if you plan to sell your home at some point, the kitchen might matter much more to a buyer than it does to you. Invest in decent quality appliances, surfaces and occasional upgrades to keep your kitchen modern and attractive for potential future buyers. Feel free to invest in features that make it more usable for you, like that multi-function recycling center.

If you answered mostly B’s: Chef-inspired Kitchen
You are a home chef extraordinaire and you need a kitchen that can keep up with your culinary ambitions. Your ideal kitchen features commercial-grade appliances, extra prep surface, multiple ovens and versatile cooking options that let you create any masterpiece your mind can dream up. If you ever plan to sell your home, bear in mind that extensive and expensive kitchen upgrades might not give you the same return in home value that you paid for in renovations. If you can live with that, then jump in and create the culinary arena of your dreams.

If you answered mostly C’s: Easy to Use and Easy to Clean Kitchen
Your kitchen personality is one that favors a kitchen with durable, easy to clean surfaces and appliances. You like minimal hassle and as little fuss as possible in your kitchen. You want a kitchen that is functional and easy to use but cleans up fast. No need to splurge on commercial-grade appliances you won’t use. Instead, use your budget to add function and simplicity to your time spent in the kitchen. A good idea would be counter surfaces that don’t need resealing and hold up to heat and stains, such as quartz or composite.