Choosing the Best Appliance Finishes for Your Cabinets

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Choosing the Best Appliance Finishes for Your Cabinets

Choosing the Best Appliance Finishes for Your Cabinets

Upgrading to new kitchen appliances is exciting and expensive. When making a major appliance purchase, you want to make sure you select a finish that will work with the design of your kitchen. Here is a handy guide to the top 4 appliance finishes and how they will work with your kitchen cabinets.

Stainless Steel
Stainless steel is the most popular appliance finish on the market. The pros are the durability, rust-resistant material, ability to work with most types of kitchen designs and the modern, sleek look they provide. The cons include being prone to smudges and fingerprints (which can be stubborn to keep clean) and the higher expense over other appliance finishes. Stainless steel appliances work well in almost any style kitchen but are especially popular for contemporary kitchens.

Black Finish
The second most popular appliance finish is black. Appliances with a black finish still feel modern and are a more cost-efficient option than stainless steel. Black finish also doesn’t show smudges and fingerprints the way stainless does. Black appliances work well in a few different types of kitchens. Kitchens with dark cabinets are a good fit for black appliances for a seamless look. Kitchens with gray cabinets and/or a good deal of stone in the design also work well with black appliances. For a stunning and dramatic look, choose black appliances for a kitchen with all-white cabinets to create contrast.

White Finish
White finish is the loser of the popularity contest but can still be the best choice for your kitchen. White appliances tend to be the most cost-efficient option available and manufactures have added modern accents to avoid a dated look. White appliances are appropriate for kitchens in white or pale tones where a more seamless look is desired. Small kitchens also benefit from white appliances paired with open shelving and lighter paint colors to make the space feel larger.

Black Stainless Steel
The new kid on the block of appliance finishes is black stainless steel. Nearly every major manufacturer has a version of black stainless steel available now. Price-wise, black stainless steel tends to be less expensive than stainless steel but a bit more expensive than plain black finish appliances. For this finish, manufacturers start with stainless steel and apply a durable black coating, with some also adding very fine texture to the surface. Texture helps combat the fingerprint and smudge issues common with regular stainless. Similar to stainless steel, this finish works well with nearly every kitchen design style. If you opt for black stainless steel, it’s advised to stick with the same brand across all of your appliances as the exact color and styling of this finish can vary by manufacturer.

When making an expensive purchase for your kitchen, you want to make sure your choices work well with the rest of the room. The color and finish of your appliances take up a lot of visual space. Making sure your appliance finishes work with your cabinets, in particular, is key for a look you can enjoy for many years to come.