Hot Kitchen Countertop Trends in 2019

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Hot Kitchen Countertop Trends in 2019

We’re well into 2019 and some definite trends are emerging for countertops this year. If you weren’t planning on new countertops anytime soon, this list of hot trends might have you rethinking your home improvement plans.

1. All That Glitters – If you love glam, this trend is for you. Bold, dark quartz and granite with heavy, dramatic streaks of shimmery gold, silver, copper and well, anything that glitters. A great example of this look is Cambria’s Golden Dragon. The heavy metallic veining against a black marble base make a glamorous statement.

2. Icy Blast – The Slice of Ice series by Wilsonart serves up ice without the hefty price. This line of countertops are designed from actual aerial views of ice glaciers. The look is modern and cool while taking inspiration from Earth’s frosty side.

3. Waterfalls – If you like making a bold statement, a waterfall countertop is for you. The countertop material descends down the side of the island or cabinet for a seamless look. For a waterfall countertop, it’s best to choose an option with a lot of bold contrast and large, eye-catching veining. Keep hardware simple to let the waterfall be the star of the show.

4. Shattered Glass – This look is meant to draw the eye with a deeply colored base (think dark blue, eggplant or even black) with white shears and jagged lines creating irregular geometric shapes. The effect is visually interesting while still elegant.

5. Rustic Metal – With all of the engineered countertop options available now, you can get the rustic metal look with the durability and ease of care that real metal could never give. Trilium countertops by Dekton combine porcelain, quartz and glass for a long-lasting counter material that looks just like rustic metal.

6. Bold Patterns – Engineered countertops in bold irregular patterns are over-the-top cool with a doable budget. The white, blues and grays of Cambria’s Islington countertops provide a fresh and interesting look that’s simple to care for and will look great for a lifetime.

If we had to sum up these 6 countertop trends for 2019 in one word, that word would be BOLD. If subtle screams boring to you, this year’s countertop trends are the big statement you’ve been waiting for.