Playing with Paint: Color Your Kitchen

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Love color? The kitchen is a great place to experiment and play with color. You can change the whole look and feel of your kitchen simply and easily with a coat of fresh paint. Few updates are as affordable and make such a difference as changing the paint. Are you ready to color your kitchen?

Get the Blues

Blue is a great color creating a calming and soothing space. Use a few different blues that go well together to amp up the blue hues. Choose one blue for your walls and a darker blue for your island. If budget allows, switch out your backsplash for one with a variety of blue hues to make a cohesive and relaxing kitchen.

Go Green

Greens are an especially versatile color choice. Darker, earthy greens create a feeling of depth while minty greens add brightness and light to your kitchen. Mix and match darker greens, such as hunter green with softer mint greens for a fresh and outdoorsy feel. Or mix and match your greens with neutrals such as gray or white to create contrast.

Orange Dream

If you think of the 1970s when you think of orange in the kitchen, you need an orange update. Modern oranges are either fresh or rich with nothing approaching neon in sight. Pick a frothy creamsicle orange for a light and cheery take on a modern orange kitchen. For a richer and earthier approach, go with a deep burnt orange that adds a sense of luxuriousness and coziness to your kitchen.

Yellow Out There

Yellow is a great color for feng shui in the kitchen. Think of a buttery or creamy light yellow to positively charge up and brighten your kitchen. If your kitchen is more French Country in style, yellow is a natural choice as soft creamy yellows and deep mustards both work with this kitchen style.

Grab the Gray

Gray might be the “new neutral” but it is far from boring. Grays mixed with a hint of blue or a touch of minty green create a look that is fresh, soft and soothing all at the same time. You can even add a touch of pink or red to your gray for a warmer look and feel.

Playing with paint is an easy and inexpensive way to freshen up your kitchen. Just pick a color, grab a brush and color your kitchen!