4 Best Wood Species for Kitchen Cabinetry

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Thanks to its inherent durability and distinct character, wood is a sought-after material used for kitchen cabinetry. While some prefer the practicality of engineered products, other homeowners find that nothing compares to the unique color variations and grain patterns found in real wood.

Kitchen Cabinetry

Here are the top four wood species you can use for kitchen cabinets:

1. Maple

Maple is a creamy white hardwood that has reddish hues and fine, smooth grain. One of the hardest wood species, maple is often chosen for heavy-duty items, such as kitchen cabinets and dresser drawers. It can be used in traditional and modern styles depending on finish and surrounding design elements. This wood is readily available and easy to work with.

2. Walnut

A hardwood with remarkable grain and color variation, walnut can be used in traditional, transitional and contemporary kitchens. A light finish is all that is needed to highlight the natural beauty of walnut, whereas a dark finish will furnish it with a more consistent and classic look. This wood species, however, is not as readily available as other selections, but still is reasonably easy to install.

3. Rift Oak

Rift Oak is a hardwood with a linear grain pattern and has a slight range in color from creamy tan to beige. Due to its linear grain and consistent shade, Rift Oak is a popular choice for modern-day kitchens. It is usually stained and more expensive than the regular oak due to the additional millwork.

4. Cherry

Cherry is considered a hardwood, but is softer than other woods in this category. It has a rich grain with occasional pitch marks and pin knots, and is often associated with dark, high-end woodwork. Cherry gives off a timeless look and is typically found in traditional kitchens, offices and libraries.

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