Product Spotlight: Why Choose Wellborn Cabinet® Products?

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Product Spotlight: Why Choose Wellborn Cabinet® Products?

Since 1961, Wellborn Cabinet® has been a family-owned business dedicated to producing the highest quality bath and kitchen cabinetry. Since then, Wellborn Cabinet has been creating “Heirloom Quality” cabinets using traditional workmanship passed down through the generations. Its time-tested building processes combined with cutting-edge technology result in the highest-quality cabinets. Additionally, the organization maintains control over the quality of its products throughout the construction process.

Wellborn Cabinet

The company offers a diverse selection of exquisite cabinetry materials, including the following:

  1. Wood 
    From the time raw wood arrives at its sawmill, through the cutting and drying process, and finally when each piece is chopped to form the finished product, the wood is hand-inspected to ensure it meets Wellborn’s stringent quality standards.

  2. Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF)
    MDF is made by mixing wood fibers with a wax resin binder under high pressure and temperatures. It is constructed of wood veneer and is far denser than standard particleboard. This is a robust and durable wood product that is frequently utilized in the building industry.

  3. Decorative Laminates 
    Decorative laminate veneers feature an MDF particle core and are constructed from a variety of laminates and melamine, including embossed and heavily textured melamine, matte and high gloss laminates.

Why Wellborn Cabinet®?

  1. Time-tested Craftsmanship

From generation to generation, the skilled craftsmanship that has made Wellborn Cabinet the best in the business has been passed down. Quality cabinets from Wellborn are built using time-tested methods and modern technologies.

  1. Made in America

Our cabinets are proudly made in the United States. Every member of the Wellborn team takes great delight in making high-quality cabinets. All of our bathroom and kitchen cabinets are handcrafted, including the doors, drawers and face frames.

The Cabinet Market is trusted by local customers when it comes to kitchen and bathroom remodeling. With years of experience in the industry, we can ensure excellent results for your remodel. Call us at (843) 258-4220, or fill out our contact form to request a consultation.