5 Benefits of Soft Close Cabinetry

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5 Benefits of Soft Close Cabinetry

Soft close cabinetry is cabinetry outfitted with special door hinges and drawer rails that automatically slow down and gently close the door or drawer. The soft close mechanism (also called hydraulic closure) activates for the last 25 degrees of closure for doors or the last inch of closure for drawers to prevent slamming. However, soft close cabinetry has a number of other benefits worth considering.

1. Quiet – The automatic soft close ensures that doors and drawers don’t slam closed. The gentler, softer close eliminates noise that is common with standard cabinetry–even when attempting to close gently.

2. Prevents shifting of drawer contents – When closing drawers, the soft close feature eliminates any jarring that would cause drawer contents to shift. This also prevents more delicate items from clanking together and breaking.

3. Extends the life of your cabinetry – The soft close mechanism reduces wear and tear on your cabinetry by preventing damage caused by slamming. Reducing wear and tear naturally extends the life of your cabinetry.

4. Affordable – Opting for soft close cabinetry in your kitchen or bathroom is an affordable upgrade. It’s also an upgrade that impresses buyers when the time comes to sell your home because it conveys a feeling of luxury, thus it can add to your home’s value.

5. Safer for kids – For parents, perhaps one of the most important benefits is that soft close cabinetry is safer for kids. Because the mechanism activates automatically to slow down and gently close doors and drawers, it reduces the incidence of little hands and fingers getting injured by slamming cabinets.

Soft close cabinetry provides a number of benefits including safety, function and added value for your home and family. Selecting the soft close feature for your new cabinets is a sure bet that is affordable and will pay off with longer lifetime for your cabinets and better protection for your drawers’ contents. To learn more about soft close cabinetry, come and see us at The Cabinet Market.