Time To Remodel? Outdated Kitchen Trends

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Time To Remodel? Outdated Kitchen Trends

Sigh, the trends of yesteryear… Things we once couldn’t imagine would go out of style are now outdated and over with. Do you have any of these outdated trends to ditch in your kitchen?

1. Pot Racks – Once the symbol of hominess in the kitchen, the hanging pot rack above the center island is now passé. With today’s more minimalist sensibilities, the pot rack just looks like a cluster of clutter hanging over your head. Instead, stash pots and pans in deep, customizable drawers to keep them stowed out of sight.

2. Faux Finishes – Faux is no more. Faux finishes are a relic of the past that just feels so… yesterday. Go with a clean and fresh coat of paint in a solid color. If neutrals aren’t your thing, that’s okay because big bold color is definitely IN.

3. Naked Windows – The time to forego window coverings is through! The urban chic appeal of bare windows isn’t so appealing when the midday sun is shining right in your eyes – or giving your looky-loo neighbor an eyeful. Window coverings now have clean, simple and modern options that give you privacy and shade while still feeling open and fresh.

4. Farmhouse Sinks – Once the trendiest item for your kitchen is slowly fizzling out and giving way for the return of the simple stainless steel sink. Builders and remodeling contractors report a significant decrease in requests for farmhouse sinks and a major uptick in requests for the old tried and true stainless basin.

5. Half Backsplash – For a short time, the minimal-feeling short and sweet half backsplash was a hot trend. However, scrubbing food splatters and grime from paint above the backsplash gets old fast. The full backsplash is back! Running from counter to cabinet, the full backsplash is easier to clean and looks great.

6. Appliance Garage – Having a dedicated space to stow away small countertop appliances makes sense. However, it doesn’t have to use up valuable counter space. Opt for large, deep drawers to stow away your small appliances and ditch the space-hogging countertop appliance garage.

We can imagine quite a few people have several or even all of these outdated kitchen trends to ditch in 2019. The biggest movement in kitchen trends is crisp, clean and clutter-free and these outdated trends just don’t fit in. Or in the case of naked windows, take a good thing a little too far (hi, neighbor…) and need a slight adjustment.