Bamboo: The Hot New Trend For Your Bathroom

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Bamboo: The Hot New Trend For Your Bathroom

Bamboo: The Hot New Trend For Your Bathroom

Bamboo is a sustainable, eco-friendly option that can be used for flooring, cabinetry, accessories and even woven into wallpaper. Technically a grass, bamboo grows and matures quickly using limited resources, making it an environmentally sound choice for your bathroom update. Let’s explore some of the ways you can use bamboo in your bathroom:

1. Bamboo flooring – Bamboo flooring is popular in a number of other rooms but gives the bathroom a spa-like quality. Bamboo resists moisture, mold and mildew, which makes it an excellent choice for the steamy bathroom.

2. Bamboo wallpaper – Bamboo wallpaper adds a touch of nature to your bathroom in a textured and sustainable material. Bamboo wallpaper comes in a surprising array of styles and options that look great in any style bathroom.

3. Bamboo vanities – Bamboo vanities are water resistant, sustainable and durable. And bamboo can be used in any way you would use wood–it can be sealed with its natural beauty on display, it can be stained and given a custom finish or it can be painted.

4. Bamboo bath mat – If bamboo flooring isn’t an option, you can opt for a more affordable bamboo bath mat. Bamboo bath mats often have a slightly raised design that allows water to evaporate quickly. And like flooring, bamboo bath mats resist mold and mildew growth, resist warping and are easy to clean.

5. Bamboo decor – Bamboo decor for your bathroom is hot. Look for bamboo baskets, trays and other accessories to dress up your bathroom.

A Few Tips About Bamboo

First, bamboo stalks are glued together to form some of the items listed above, such as flooring and vanities. It’s important to verify that the manufacturer doesn’t use glue products containing formaldehyde or VOCs. The same goes for the finishes used. Formaldehyde and VOCs can cause cancer and contribute to poor indoor air quality–something you don’t want in a small room like the bathroom.

Second, make sure any bamboo items or accents you choose for your bathroom are made from mature bamboo stalks. Mature stalks are more durable and hold up better to the everyday wear and tear in a bathroom.

Lastly, keep in mind that bamboo resists water but isn’t technically waterproof. Make sure to avoid letting water sit on any bamboo surface and wipe right away with a clean dry cloth to keep your bamboo items and accents looking their best for a long time to come.