Top Tips for Planning Your Kitchen Remodel

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Top Tips for Planning Your Kitchen Remodel

Remodeling your kitchen is an exciting project and it’s understandable that you want to just jump right in. However, without a clear plan, you’ll end up over your budget with a half-finished kitchen. Here are the top tips to help you get started planning your kitchen remodel.

1. Plan your budget first – If you don’t know your budget, you don’t know how much money you have to work with. Be realistic and conservative when estimating costs and estimate high. Also, take 10-20% of your budget and set it aside for unexpected costs. Trust us, you’ll need it. This will ensure you have a proper cushion to complete your remodel project.

2. Do your homework – Research the cost of the materials, installation, appliances and labor for your kitchen remodel. Doing good research first helps you create a realistic plan for your project.

3. Go for quality – Choose the best quality materials you can afford, particularly when it comes to items you won’t be replacing such as cabinets, floors and countertops. Generally, these materials and parts of the kitchen are meant to last for decades so be selective and choose the best quality you can for these items. Knowing where to save and where to spend is crucial.

4. Know your needs vs. wants – Have a clear list of your needs vs. your wants. Make sure all of the items on the needs list are checked off, covered and budgeted for before you add a single item from your wants list. This ensures you don’t run out of budget for your needs because you spent it on your wants instead.

5. Plan your layout and space – When planning your layout, it’s important to make sure you allow the proper amount of space between counters, space to open doors and drawers and the proper amount of space for appliances.

6. Get your contractor involved – Have your contractor sanity check all of your plans, budgets, layout and choices before beginning the project to ensure your plans are realistic and can be accomplished with the budget you have available. A good contractor will help you by pointing out where you’re missing “hidden costs” or where you’ve incorporated something that won’t work in the space as you intend. They can help you find and resolve any red flags before the work begins.

Planning your kitchen remodel is exciting but it can also be a lot of work. Using these top tips will help you ensure you stay on track in your planning and within your budget. For more information on planning a kitchen remodel, visit The Cabinet Market and talk with our remodel experts about your project.