Crafty? Creative Ways to Organize Your Craft Room

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Crafty? Creative Ways to Organize Your Craft Room

Have an out of control craft room? With so many different pieces and paints and fabrics and ribbons and threads, it’s not hard for a craft room to morph into a heap of clutter. Keep things organized and easy to find with our top tips to organize your craft room.

1. Make use of tight spaces. A roll-out pantry isn’t just for kitchens! A roll-out pantry can fit into tight spaces in your craft room and create an easy-to-use storage space for small items like threads, paints and yarn. Add mason jars to organize buttons, scissors, pens and other supplies too.

2. Pick up a pegboard. For a craft room, we’d recommend adding a decorative frame to your pegboard so it looks as great as it functions. Use wooden dowels to hang rolls of paper, hang a spice organizer to store thread, ribbon and string and hang small boxes to sort out extra bits of fabric or ribbon or store scissors, tape and glue sticks.

3. Install a tall set of cubby style shelves. Use labeled wicker baskets for loose items and fold fabrics to fit neatly in cubbies for a do-it-all space for all of your sewing and quilting needs. Cubbies are also a great space for storing scrapbooking supplies like paper, gel pens, stickers, decorative scissors and more. Bonus: Decorate the top with some of your crafty creations.

4. Repurpose an entryway cabinet into a craft cabinet. Have some old cabinetry in the mudroom you never use? Repurpose it for your craft room. Upper cabinets can store fabrics, paper, yarn and other supplies. Hooks can hold measuring tape, clothes hangers and pieces in progress. Bottom cubbies are great for labeled wicker baskets to store odds and ends so they don’t end up in the way of your current project.

5. Repurpose an old filing cabinet into a fabric organizer. A quick coat of paint and some decorative accents make an old filing cabinet look right at home in your craft room. Store rolled bundles of fabric for easy access or use the organizer bar for hanging folders to organize scrapbooking paper and paper for other types of crafts.

It’s easy to get into the mood to get crafty when you can easily find what you’re looking for. We hope these creative ways to organize your craft room help you get into your creative mindset more readily and help you find what you need when you need it.